SNL Korea Parody : I’m Sorry I love you (or any korean drama)

This is Gumi’s favorite skit. It is titled “I’m sorry, I love you” but it is unrelated to So Ji Sub’s classic korean drama. However, it does seem to be a parody of korean dramas in general.


A jobless guy played by Jang Hyuk is on a date with his girlfriend. While eating, he learns that his girlfriend’s parents are asking her to date a doctor. He realizes she is not good for her so pulls all sort of stunts to force her to dump him. But every once in a while, he can’t hide his true emotions and turns around to cry miserably, much to the horror of the other costumers. The girl refuses to leave him, proving that her love is unbeatable! Except when he falls and hurts his back (and we assume other things) She decides, he is not good for her anymore 😀 (cold hearted woman)



jh_snl_ajumma jh_snl_ajumma2


30 responses to “SNL Korea Parody : I’m Sorry I love you (or any korean drama)

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  2. The waitress totally reminds me of Lilly Tomlin when she did the Operator Ernestine on Saturday Night Live in the seventies! One ringy dingy, two ringy dingy…haha

  3. *Sorry, meant to say “heartily agree with you about TS.” Adios amigo. He made his bed getting involved in that sad, sorry life of his. I really don’t want RSY to die. 😦

  4. LOL! I have to heartily agree with you TS. And that D.A. woman is really annoying too. But I’m glad now she’s on his side and knows the truth. This drama is frustrating me to pieces because nobody communicates. But that’s how it is in K-Drama lala land. Otherwise how could they stretch it out 16 episodes? If that dumb fiancee told Det. Im from the beginning about the donor, they could have easily protected him and hid him out until the day of the operation. And the lawyer has no right keeping Detective Im in the dark when she knows the truth too. He’s gonna be really ticked off when he learns it. It shows that the fiancee doesn’t fully trust him after all those years. At least that’s they way it appears to me. Getting mad just thinking about it! haha. I will watch this weeks episodes over the weekend.

    • Yeah, I just finished ep 9 and my thought was, while this series is exciting, the characters feel a but one dimmensional. I won’t spoil but after you get there, I’ll let you know why I feel that way 😉

      • Cool. I’d like to know your thoughts. 🙂 I’m thinking that way too. They are focusing too much on non-stop action that they haven’t really developed a lot of the characters.

      • I finished 9. Fire away. Why do you feel they are one dimensional? I was simply loving all the Ryu Soo Young goodness in this episode, he may be the most developed character out of them all. There were certain nuances to his character during the flashback scene with In Hye getting mugged in plain sight of EVERYONE. (sigh) Notice he didn’t come to her rescue so fast? Then he insulted her by saying she didn’t even have a million won in her purse. As if it were a waste of his time to help her for just 3000? I loved how they worked that in. But this drama begs the question: Does Detective Im ever change his clothes? He’s like Pee Wee Herman! Haha Not that I’m complaining much, he looks stunningly gorgeous in them.

        And is it just me, or did they act wayyy too fast on that stakeout? Why didn’t they wait until JTS was actually talking to In Hye then pounce on him? And why even tell her? I get that Tae Sung is a step ahead of them and knew he was being tapped, but The investigation seems to be getting more illogical by the episode. Sorry, don’t mean to turn the attention of Jang Hyuk! I actually made him my banner on Drama Fever now. 😀

        • Basically, one thing that bugged me on ep 9 is when Detective Im remembered TS claiming he “only beats people, but never stabbed them”. Then In Hye saying he was a pure soul when she met him. So, here we are with a guy who only did “bad” things because he was forced. He blames himself, other characters blame him but the story constantly justifies him. He doesnt even have a legitimate reason to have that much remorse. What choice did he have? So to
          me, he is like a misunderstood Cinderella mostly haha and that is a bit hard to believe for a gangster. I suppose his big sin was that he didn’t push back. He allowed others to determine his fate somehow. Detective Im is more interesting to me, he does feel more conflicted and more “human”? I don’t know if I’m making much sense lol.

        • The other characters that are too like caricatures are the villains. That witch Jo is scary but still one dimmensional. Moon is a psychopath and I find him a bit boring. I don’t think our friends will mind our hijacking this post to talk abut Two Weeks 🙂 We are only a few people here anyway. I want to see that banner. I didn’t know we could have banners on DramaFever

  5. Myyyy puppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy he was unbelievably adorable in this one…

  6. Yes, thanks a bunch for that translation. I can see how it’s loosely based on ‘I’m sorry, I love you.’ So Ji Sub’s character treated that girl with contempt almost the entire drama and she took it all until the very end. Of he course he really did love her. What a sad mess that was!

    • I remember loving and crying so much with that drama. But now that kind of male character has become cliche so I don’t think I would watch it again. I do remember it being slow too (like most older dramas) Did you know that the same writer did Thank You? But Thank You is a lot more hopeful.

    • Btw Lady G, I am watching Two Weeks 😀 It has some cheesy things but it is so fast paced and addictive that I’m enjoying it. I can totally imagine Jang Hyuk in the main role as you said but Im somehow glad he is not doing it. I feel it would be somehow repetitive for him and Tae San cries too much. I like the series but I become numbed to his tears. I believe crying should be selective in dramas so the audience can feel it more strongly.

      • Oh Cool. I’m mad everyone (in the comments anyway) are hating on Detective Im. Yeah, he’s hot headed, but I love him and that smile he gives to the little girl whenever he sees her. awww. I think he’s a good cop. And love his wife beater tee shirts with his chest abs popping out. haha. I think you are right about JH in the role though. A long while ago I thought comedy might be awkward for Jang Hyuk, but then I changed my mind, he’s actually a very funny guy. Not doofy or goofy, but seriously funny. Like he doesn’t have to try for laughs. So a nice comedy would be great for him now.

        I think they pushed Tae San’s change of heart way too fast. I was hoping he could have bonded with his daughter more, even secretly. I felt that it was far too fast that he’s all of a sudden desperate to live for this child he never knew. His daydreams of seeing her are cool though. Then of course we know that he really does love her mother, etc. I really can’t wait to see how it all turns out, and I want that phony woman and her minions to get theirs so bad. Somehow I feel that either Det. Im or Tae San will die. :< I hope neither.

        • Nooooo I don’t want no one to dieeee!!!! Poor Tae San has suffered enough although I agree that the change of heart was too fast thus, making it less touching, but I think what they are trying to tell us is that he was always a victim. They didn’t show much of him being “heartless”. I really can’t picture such a nervous anxious tortured man surviving as a gangster :p I love detective Im. Ryu is soooo cute as a an adoptive dad. I think maybe the fact
          that I love him on RM might be influencing my perception. Gahhhh if one of them has to die, then off with TS lol! Don’t touch my Ryu

  7. So after she comes back from the restroom, he complains that she is fat. Then he compares her to his ex-girl friend saying that his ex-girlfriend didn’t say selfish things like her. He says that he had to throw away his shirt that she borrowed because her underarm odor was just unbearable. He tells her that her breath stinks when they kiss. He asks her to stick her tongue out and demonstrates with a spoon how she should clean her tongue when she brushes her teeth. He tells her that his toilet was plugged up when she used it and plumber couldn’t fix it. He says that she smells like turd. Then he says “Do you want me to show you what kind of a person I am? I’ll show you what kind of person I am. ” and then slaps ajumma in the butt and asks her out. She is shocked but says “I still love you, I’m never breaking up with you!” But then when he hurts his back, she changes her mind because a guy with a bad back can’t perform…teehee. 🙂
    JH’s expression of disbelief so funny when she declares “Let’s break up.” JH begs her “It’s me. I love you, don’t leave!” LOL

    This was a great show. Better than expected. The parody of Volcano High was my favorite. He looks so cute in the high school uniform. 😉

  8. Wow, I need to see the drama! Sorry, I love you!
    I am like hahatk about language korean ! Thank you for taking a summery… I did not understand about clip without you summery!
    Wow … Hyuk oppa really cried badly. that could be first time I laughed desperately and he cried!because i cry when he cries in his movie
    Oh! When he blow her back and laughed … that was sooooooooo funny!
    Drama fan thanksssssssssssss for thia post…i am very happy

  9. Watched the entire show yesterday finally. Kind of guessing what’s going in this skit with my very very limited understanding of Korean (after watching too many Kdrama). Really love the part when Hyukie is hitting on the ahjumma and the reaction of her. It’s so fun to watch Hyuk in a comedy. Hope his next drama will be some romantic com with a happy ending.

  10. The guy with fork was just soo funny!! And the Ahjumma making the phone sign! Love the pictures you posted.

  11. I laughed at this one although it was a little harder for me to follow along. Thanks for the summary. Bwhahaha! she dumps him in the end after all.

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