Record of my respectful stalkerism: how Jang Hyuk blessed me with his presence

As I told you guys in comment for another post, I went to watch The Flu (again) last Sunday. And it happened. HAHAHA. I saw Jang Hyuk, and Jang Hyuk saw me.

Guess who that dumbfounded girl receiving the poster is...? ME!

Guess who that dumbfounded girl receiving the poster from our hyukie is…? ME!

It was not the first time I saw Jang Hyuk in person. I have already posted about seeing JH in person for the first time. After that, I’ve actually seen him three more times, so Sunday was the fifth time seeing him. So my decision to come to Korea and spend the entire summer here was more than worth it!

The second time I saw him was when I went to The Flu showcase before its release. He was too far at the stage and I could barely see his face, so I really think that shouldn’t count as “seeing” him.

The third time was when I went to a movie theater to watch The Flu for the second time, and he came for stage greeting. It was the first day they went on stage greeting, and it took place in Bundang, which is the setting for the movie. I don’t live there, but I traveled all the way over there (dragging my non-JH fan friend) just to see him. I was sitting on the second row, so I could see him pretty clearly. He was very skinny and pretty. I remember being really shocked at how skinny his legs were…I was actually too preoccupied by the skinniness of his legs that I kinda forgot about how his face looked.

2013-08-14 22.03.26

It’s a photo I took, although it’s kinda blurry.

The fourth time was when I won the ticket for movie showing through twitter event (my third time watching The Flu). He looked very pretty, and he wasn’t wearing a hat! Here’s the photo I took, although my cell phone camera is shitty and the photo is blurry.

2013-08-16 20.44.05

He’s smiling at me!!(or more like, at my direction)

Here are some better photos taken on the same day by another fan.

web_460848906_1e30d705 web_460848906_9d2157c0 web_460848906_52e0a56b web_460848906_4053aed1 web_460848906_f50a6358


Isn’t he adorable! But the best part has yet to come. He was certainly beautiful this day, but he simply came in, said hi thank you for coming i hope you enjoy the movie, and went out. The real thing happens on Sunday August 25, 2013.

I actually thought I had watched enough of The Flu. I mean, I watched it thrice in the movie theater…I’ve never watched any other movie more than twice. So I was determined, “Ok, that’s it. The Flu was a good entertaining movie, but I don’t need to watch it four times. I already know the movie by heart, I’m gonna get bored. Don’t buy the ticket, don’t buy the ticket…” But the moment they announced Jang Hyuk’s last stage greeting schedule, I reserved a ticket before I even noticed what I was doing.

I ended up going with another JH fan, and we reserved tickets in the very front row. It was not in the middle, so that was a little disappointing, but still we were glad we got the very front row. It’s not a nice spot to watch a movie, but it’s a nice spot to watch actors when they come.

When I was watching the actual movie, as I expected, I was slightly bored. It’s not the movie’s fault. That happens if you watch the same movie four times within a week or so. I actually enjoyed the movie until the third time. I was immersed. But by the forth time, I literally memorized the whole movie. I knew exactly what scene would come next, how the transition would be, and I memorized the whole lines that I could say it at the same time with the actors. So yes, it was slightly boring, but whenever JH was on screen I still got totally immersed. And yum, he was good looking.

The movie ended, and we prepared to see the actors. I prepared a message on my cell phone saying “♥♡Jang Hyuk♥♡Fourth time watching The Flu♥♡Kang Jigoo Zzang♥♡” so that I could hold it up for the actors to see it. They (producer, director, Jang Hyuk, Soo Ae, Park Minha, Yoo Hae Jin) came in and CRAP, THE HAT!!! JH was wearing a gigantic hat again, and that was covering most of his face. But he still did have that graceful presence.

The producer said greetings first, and me and my friend screamed. Um, I think we were the only ones who screamed. Embarrassing. But the producer needs some fangirling, too, right…? He made possible the movie. We were kinda determined to give everyone some screaming they deserved. So we screamed when the director said hi, screamed when Soo Ae said hi, SCREAMED when Jang Hyuk said hi, etc.

Did I ever tell you guys that he speaks really soft? Well, you can probably tell it through his interviews. But he does speak very soft. It’s different from speaking in small volume. He speaks soft and gentle.

After they all said hi, Yoo Hae Jin (one of the actors) said that the actors and director prepared small gifts for the audience. But unfortunately, only five people would be able to get the gift, one per actor/director. It’s a mask with signature on. Yoo said that since only five people can get it, they’ll give it to those who can explain ‘why’ they deserve the gift.

They started with Soo Ae, and a male fan who screamed out that his girlfriend broke up on him today won the gift. And it was JH’s turn, and both my friend and I held our hands high up and screamed ME!!!

But Yoo gave a chance to another girl. He asked her, where did you come from? She answered, Japan. And she added that she’s Soo Ae’s fan. Yoo said uh, you should’ve told that before, when we were giving out SA’s gift. And I didn’t lose that opportunity. I shamelessly waved my hand and screamed ME!! I came from America!! Yoo looked at me and asked, hey what does that have to do anything with Jang Hyuk? And I said, I came to watch the movie! I came cuz I heard the movie is getting released! (which is not a lie, I really did. Spending my entire summer in Korea was my priority in summer plan precisely because The Flu was getting released this summer…it was my first time spending the entire summer in Korea in 6 years). When I said that, Jang Hyuk looked at me, and I think he nodded in recognition. My feeling is that he kind of remembered hearing that from me in his autograph event (my first time seeing him).

So he walked over to me to hand over a mask with his signature on. I was sooo happy! Ahhhhhh!!! I jumped up and shook hands with him. Daebak!!!!

And the event was over and actors all went out. We were supposed to leave the theater, but for some reason, we really didn’t want to leave. Something was keep pulling us back. My friend was wanting that mask really badly, but since she didn’t get it, she wanted to at least see JH’s face once more. So we kind of lingered around, hoping maybe we could catch them leaving. But we couldn’t. And then we remembered that there’s another stage greetings, at the same place, for the movie playing right after the one we just watched. Maybe we can catch them going in! So we were waiting around, until one of us said “Hey, would it be crazy if we buy the tickets again and go in again…?” It did sound crazy but it sounded amazing! So we decided to do that. As we got in line, we joked around, hey hyukie is an expensive man, seeing his face once more costs this much!

When it was our turn to buy the tickets, we said “The Flu, the one that’s gonna go on right now, please give us seats as close to the front as possible.” And guess what?? This must be a destiny! The very front row, right in the middle, two seats empty!!! It was meant to be, we were just meant to go see the actors again!

So we got all excited and went into the theater again. We were all giggling cuz we were such crazy fangirls. We were like, omg the actors are gonna so recognize us, cuz we were there sitting in the front row ten minutes ago!

And yes, of course, the actors did recognize us. I was actually feeling somewhat embarrassed so I kept turning my eyes away and giggling, but I did make eye contact with Yoo Hae Jin. He saw me and had this wtf?? expression on, and said “Huh? You, just now…” and I said “yeah we came back, lol”. But I really shouldn’t have been staring at Yoo, I should have been staring at Jang Hyuk!! Cuz my friend, who was staring at JH the whole time, said hyukie recognized us as soon as he entered the theater and slightly bowed to us. Ahhhhhh stupid gumi, why didn’t you see that!

Anyway, the actors/director/producer said their greetings again. And Yoo mentioned me and my friend when he was saying his greeting. “These two ladies sitting at the front is holding up signs, ‘My fifth time watching The Flu’ (that’s me) and ‘Jigoo Best Jang Hyuk Best’. Wow, why don’t I have such fans.” Thank god he didn’t mention we were sitting there for the second time that day, that would’ve been somewhat embarrassing.

And it was the gift time again. This time, it was a poster and a mask for each actor. Yoo said since there’s not enough time, they won’t do the whole selection process. Actors will just randomly go up and give out gifts. And really, I can’t even believe it, but hyukie didn’t even hesitate for a second, he walked straight at us!! There were people screaming me! me! everywhere, and I wasn’t even expecting cuz I already got a gift in previous event, but before I even understood what was happening he was standing in front of us. I guess since he recognized us as his crazy devoted fans, he wanted to be nice to us. He gave a mask to my friend, and he handed over a rolled poster to me. I didn’t even have time to stand up, I was just stupidly sitting there and saying omg thank you, thank you…I received the poster and shook hands with him.

So yes, that’s what happened, and it was so unreal, or more like surreal, that I still can’t believe that it actually happened. But it must have happened cuz I still have the mask and the poster. It was an amazing experience, and the damn expensive plane ticket was totally more than worth it. 2013-08-25 21.34.10


17 responses to “Record of my respectful stalkerism: how Jang Hyuk blessed me with his presence

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  2. That’s a cool story. I love reading this. Why Does he seem so attached to the big floppy hat though lol. He still looks cute, but it cracks me up whenever I see him with this infamous hat.

  3. Gumi, you’re just adorable and cute. It’s such a joy to share your precious moments. I can’t help smiling and laughing while reading this. You sure made my day 😀

  4. OOH MY, congratulation dear. What a lucky fan girl you are !!! Many fans reading this now are surely envying you 😀

  5. I’ve got put this post my own website with your name that Iranian fans enjoy from your experiences and beautiful words to some of the and they say you congratulations too.
    I’m really happy for you .. on that moment that Hyukie come front you…Gumi you were most lucky fans..
    Gumi…chinja komao..i realy realy realy enjoyed from your post

  6. Wow Gumi
    If you had all the excitement I’ve experienced with you.
    I’m really happy. Gumi really saw him?
    Oh my … my hands are very cold! Really happy for you patience and I wish one day I see him
    True fan Jang Hyuk congratulate
    Let me admit that I jealous very much now
    you’re really lucky girl
    Wow .. I congratulate you seen him at a distance of several centimeters from yourself!
    Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations

  7. Wow! Wonderful experience! I can’t help translating this article and share it with fans in Baidu. They must love it!

  8. I feel like I was there with you! Thank you for sharing your awesome experience with us dear Gumi 😊

  9. You go girl, Gumi!
    This is fabulous! 😀
    lol so you ended up watching the Flu 5 times since its release.
    But hey, when are you going to have an opportunity like this again? I say, might as well seize the day and do as much fangirling as possible.

  10. And again, that hat is killing me! It’s the puss in boots!

  11. Gumi I bow to you…the ultimate Fan girl!! Congratulations!! I’ve never had such nerve. That’s so awesome> 😀

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