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14 responses to “Top Star News – GC Watch event photos

  1. He is pretty much the average height, but most korean male stars go over 180 so he tends to look tiny. I heard people saying JH wouldve ruled the K ent world a long time ago if he was taller. Butbi love him because he is his height..not everyone needs to be a giant! Plus i love how adorable he gets when he stands next to other tall actors! And i love his tantrums! One of my fav scene in tazza is when his friend teases him about his height:P

    • Exactly! He’s so full of fire and talent and good looks who cares how tall he is? (or isn’t.) Some of the best actors are not even that tall anyway.

    • Wow
      I am also loved that scene Gumi!I typically smaller males to prefer
      Hyok so not too short! other men are very tall! and his height is proportional to himself.Really he is lovely more by his height the little man and yet is so handsome and good-looking is more lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
      My father’s height is 170 !Hyukie is taller than he so this is great! It is true that most Korean male actors are tall … but really any size not … I mean, I think I loved Hyukie..realy his height is not important!Oh, my heart beat faster..he is a very good looking .. now I’m looking at his picture! Really his height fits his limbs was good .. if he was longer became badly
      Awwwwww Hyukie’s tantrums .. its really cute .. all men are sensitive to their height?

  2. thanksssssssssssssssss Dramafan for this pics…
    i want to say a thing!!!is not hyukie very short?AWwwwwwwwwwwww i love his height!!!he is just a little taller than that girl!!LOL

    • I believe he’s 5’8 and half. That’s pretty much the average male height in many countries of the world. But I noticed the Korean men tend to be at least 5’10 and taller with long legs. She is probably tall for a Korean woman! 🙂

      • According to Gumi his height is pretty much average for a korean man, but korean celebrities do tend to be taller 🙂 Btw girls if Hyukie reads us he’ll throw one of his famous tantrums and emphasize that his height is 1.74.5!!! Point five! You hear me ladies? P.O.I.N.T F.I.V.E. I can picture him lolololol

      • Oh!wowwwwwwwwwwwww
        Let them really will read us and gets angry Hyukie!!!!
        and he will say:ya ya!agashi!naio chinja 174.5!!!
        non choghorle?
        means:hey height is 174.5 realy!!do you want to kill by me?
        awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!we will make angry Hyukie and we will kill by him!
        but he is very short!becuse my height is 168 cm!!and Hyukie 174.5cm!i am 17 years old and he is 36_37 years old!
        oomo!i think he just kill me!

      • LOL (.) 5!! Then that should clock him in at around 5’9, which I read is the average height for Korean men.

      • hahahaha Lady.G!!you make angry hyukie
        Wow, I imagine now his grumpy face or his poor face?
        Imagine .. he really read our comments!
        Probably fatally his monitor by your slippers!

      • sorry…
        by his slippers

  3. Oh he is so pretty
    Wow .. his shirts is amazing!
    his pretty small face .. wait .. he cleaned his beard ?
    Oh God, it is more beautiful … please always let cleaned his beard!
    Hyukie ‘s hours really nice and always fits is his clothes
    Larousse is my hours’s mark!

  4. Nice! I love those jeans. Dark denims are the best. And no ‘Puss in boots’! LOL

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