Real Men Fan Video – Hall of Fame

I did my first Jang Hyuk related Fan Video. I can’t upload this on regular video sites because the company that produces this show is very strict so hopefully this works. Just click on the image and let me know what you think 🙂 The song used is Hall of Fame by The Script.

Jang Hyuk gets the first flag

Click to see the Real Men FV


12 responses to “Real Men Fan Video – Hall of Fame

  1. WOW, that was GREAT dear. Really wonderful job you have done, I will wait for more videos 😉

    And about the program, unfortunately I am not watching but judging from the video I like it and it looks like real army, Lots of physical effort !!! and Hyukie looks so nice and funny ❤

  2. Can your video be shared? I’d like to share it on the Chuno Facebook group. 🙂

  3. You have captured all the greatest moments from Real Men. Thank you Drama Fan. Now I have to go see the newest episode of Real Men. 🙂

  4. I do not listen to that song! Facilities is very low
    Wow, I’m jealous that Lady.G are able to hear and see it
    Thank you, your posts are really great

  5. Okay, that was just spectacular!! The song…a most perfect choice. I never heard it before (Not big with new music :P) but I really liked it and it fit every awesome clip you chose. It flowed great with no lag. This video could easily be a promo for the series! Too bad if you did put it up on Youtube they’d take it down, if not for the clips than the music companies are merciless too. :/ They don’t realize that we wind up buying music and movies, shows, etc. when we see these fan made videos. But it’s still copyrights. sigh.

    1:14…1:45 ish…thank you for the Ryu Smiles!!! 😀 Wonderful job.

    • Ohhhh than you very much ☺Gahhhh in my preview Ryu’s wonderful smile was in perfect synch with the part of the lyrics that say “You can walk through hell with a smile” but after rendering eveything got out of synch and I tried to fix it but that part was just too much work, I got tired 😅I’m so happy you like it and thank you again for your nice comments 😊

      • The night you were awake? Exactly the only night I slept quickly?
        I slept early last night to be like normal people and my friends were awake, and every night I’m like an owl and i am awake..but my friend are not awake!!!!!!

        Wait .. your two morning!!!!!!!!!!!!Aishhhhhhhhh why we can not set our time

      • I know that angry feeling when you think you have it perfect and then it decides to do that. I didn’t notice anything wrong, but then I wouldn’t, you would! lol. It was really great.

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