Director Kim Sung Soo praises Jang Hyuk


We are really getting too much good comments on him:)

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Jang Hyuk’s real personality, how is it like and how come you hear only compliments about him?

Director Kim Sung Soo of ‘The Flu’ complimented Jang Hyuk over and over again in his interview with NewN. It is already a well known fact, but Jang Hyuk he saw and felt first-handed was so well-mannered, humble, and sincere that it was hard to believe that he’s a top actor.

“Jang Hyuk is not just a ‘real man’, but he’s a ‘real person’.” Kim Sung Soo shared some episodes about Jang Hyuk, and said “I felt happy and lucky as a director to be able to work with him.”

According to him, everybody get to put their thumb up when they meet Jang Hyuk in person. He says JH on tv screen is not even showing one tenth of his amazing personality. Jang Hyuk was trained in real 119 (korean 911) rescue college before acting a rescue worker in ‘The Flu’. And it is said he received so many love calls from 119 rescue workers.

“Seeing JH getting trained, the rescue workers said ‘We actually want to use him as a real rescue worker.’ They said countless actors have come to receive training, but they’ve never seen anyone like Jang Hyuk. There was loud applause when he did rock climbing (laughs). He forgot the fact that he is an actor, and he did his best in training. You can’t ever hate him.”

Jang Hyuk hates faking something. And he, who is usually merry and optimistic, cannot hide his anxiety when something causes him to worry. Director Kim shared another episode, saying “Once, we all went to a movie theater out of Seoul for greetings. We had to park our bus and walk over. And not very far, we saw someone fainted.”

Kim said “We had to cross the street quickly and get into the theater, but Jang Hyuk couldn’t just walk away after seeing the situation. He quickly walked passed our bodyguards saying ‘That person needs to be taken care of right now’. Only after seeing other people around helping that person, he turned away and came with us. ‘This guy is strange, he’s almost nosy’, you might get to think, but I felt again that he is a person who simply cannot pass by.”

He is in 100% sync with the rescue worker in The Flu. The rescue worker who doesn’t hesitate was not all that different from Jang Hyuk. Kim continued, “He is that caring for people who is totally irrelevant to him, so how would he be toward his own family? The fact that he’s a super affectionate husband is famous in Jamshil.”

“Every Tuesday? Sunday? I’m not sure, but every once in a week he goes back home before 9pm, no exception. That’s the day his apartment does recycling, and he promised his wife that he’ll do that chore. He keeps all of his words. He is already famous in his village for that. As an actor, and as a person, Jang Hyuk is amazing. I got to re-evaluate him and learned a lot from him.”

Kim Sung Soo stated, “If a disaster happens, I wish the rescuer coming to help me would be Jang Hyuk.” He says being rescued itself would be an extremely fortunate event, but who rescues him would also matter. Jang Hyuk just makes you relieved and makes you trust him just by seeing his face. I got a good feeling that there will be more great films and dramas which we can just trust him and watch.

48 responses to “Director Kim Sung Soo praises Jang Hyuk

  1. Circulate about this amazing man!

  2. Ferizza gutana

    Indeed i really adore him as an actor very versatile.i keep on watching kdramas but i only see him 3 times in voice and now in fated to love you and of course in flu.

  3. That’s okay, Cathy. You know in Spiderman they did film some in New York, but a lot of the city is computer design and not the same. Like in Spiderman 2, there is no train like that going through the whole city. Chicago has a train like that though. lol Where are you from?

  4. mianeee
    i sent a comment..twice

  5. Maybe it’s funny, but I knew New York City after Spider-Man film trilogy !
    And I realized that New York really is a beautiful city. Has been my dream to go there one day
    O kre??(realy?)
    I apologize.. because my English language is not good, i did not understand your mean !! Now I understand..LOL

  6. New York has a ton of beautiful and old buildings. 🙂 It wasn’t fun being in the rain all by myself. 😦 Let’s just say this was not a romantic K-drama where a handsome guy would run up with a yellow umbrella. LOL.

    • Maybe it’s funny, but I knew New York City after Spider-Man film trilogy !
      And I realized that New York really is a beautiful city. Has been my dream to go there one day
      O kre??(realy?)
      I apologize.. because my English language is not good, i did not understand your mean !! Now I understand..LOL

  7. But don’t feel about not realizing it. lol. Just a little over a year ago I never would have given Korean stuff much more than a second glance. Now I’m so totally immersed that my brother even jokes “So, when you marry Kim Chul or Pak Young…”

  8. I never traveled much to Queens, every time I did there was always some transit problem and it made me late for one thing or another. So i ‘feared’ it even. lol. But I thought it was so cool to see all the stores with Korean & English or Konglish signs. And that I was even able to read some of them. (memorizing The vowels are still killing me though. lol) So now I know to get off around ‘Main Street’ in Flushing or the last stop. I saw the Flu way back in Bay Terrace, the strip mall there is pretty nice and huge, one day I’ll have to go back for shopping.

  9. oh my gosh, I’d be so honored! And if you want me to put in more details or you have further questions let me know. I can edit this comment too if you’d like. I kind of wrote in a rush this morning before I left. I just HAD to get my thoughts out here. 😀 The best place to squee and drool over his royal Hyukness. 😉 I can email you privately so I’m not spoiling anything for those who haven’t seen it.

      • Great. I use gmail too. What I’ll do is edit my review and try to add additional details. I will have it done over the weekend, maybe I can get it to you by Monday, tues. latest? Is there anything in particular you want me to add?

    • His Royal Hyukness! lol! Im trying to remember all the silly names Gumi and I thought of when brainstorming for the title of this blog. He should play a King for sure! After he does a rom com I want another sageuk!

      • Drama fan, I and my friends call him “triangular lip”!
        is it suitable?can you add It also to other built nicknames!?

      • Now I really want a mature Rom-com, and a sageuk, but a different type of role, instead of Daegil and Ddolbok, whom I found similar in many ways. The other night I was thinking of Midas, and how his look was so different (At least the first half of it) and what a fantastic job he did in that.

        • In Midas he showed that he can act more restrained. Because in many of his other post – military service roles he has been rather wild! 😉 In his next sageuk he needs to be a member of royalty. Was there ever a hot King in Joseon? Because if there was, Jang Hyuk must play him. Speaking of restrained for some reason I was remembering Tazza yesterday. He was so not restrained in that one lol! But anyway, I was remembering this scene I liked, when he is in jail and he is finally allowed to smoke a cigarette, but he can’t smoke it because he is crying. It was a very short scene but I loved it. Goni acted so tough in front of others but actually cried a lot!

    • I’m really jealous!
      Drama fan, you’ll see it soon., But when can I see it? Every time download’s The Flu come out to the internet!
      Oh Lady.G define detail exactly defines the details now! Even if twisted ankle your feet on way!
      Then i can put yourself in your place and feel better.!!

      • LOL. I’m going to give the better and detailed version of my review to drama Fan and I suppose she will post it?

        Okay, coming home from the theater I waited over 2 1/2 hours for an express bus back to Manhattan and every bus passed me by. I have the feeling I was at the wrong stop but 2 bus drivers that were nice enough to help me said to stay where I was. Literally like 15 buses passed me by. I got completely drenched in a lightning/thunder storm with no umbrella. Finally some kind soul told me to take the local bus around that corner all the way to the last stop and get on the 7 train. But it was cool because when I got off the bus I felt like I was in Korea! LOL. If I wasn’t soaked and it wasn’t so late I would have hung around and found a bbq place. But I was alone and tired and frustrated. But I take it all as a learning experience and now I found a cool neighborhood to come back to.

        • Yes I will publish it of course 😉 So you had never visited Flushing? I used to live close by and took the train 7 all the time 😉 Yes, the korean population is high there. I can’t believe I didn’t get into Korea “stuff” when I lived there! duh me!

      • Wow … in the rain without an umbrella?
        What a beautiful memoir … all my memories in the rain is beautiful, oh beautiful even imagine walking in the rain in Korea
        Did not you buy? Really did not buy? AAAAAA me if I was in Korea buy their clothes and coat because they are really nice and fit my taste!
        Oh, if you and I were together in the rain in Korean we made music video!from ourself..
        Lim Kim, have you seen the Lim Kim ‘s music video under the rain?we made like it!!!

      • Oh
        Why did not you take the opportunity drama fan? A!you did not like korean thing at that time
        We have a street in our hometown that Koreans live in it. Avenue Gandhi!
        I’ve promised myself to go there one day and become friend to all korean who living there! But i not know the address and anybody does not help me

  10. Finally got to see it!! The less said about my commute (particularly coming home) the better. Let’s just say Queens, NYC and I have a “stormy” relationship. I may have rivaled Gumi with my fan love to see a Jang Hyuk film on a big screen. lol. (But I doubt that’s possible.) Hopefully I don’t catch a ‘Flu.’

    WOOOAHH, it was FLU Chaos!! Loud and fast paced, I felt like I was watching an American film most of the time. The acting was quick and witty. The movie was shorter than most American films these days so it was a rapid-fire pace of gross-out imagery and action. Maybe it could have been a little longer to develop the story and course of the virus/hunt for cure a little better. But there wasn’t too much of that stereotypical Korean melodrama and sometimes ham over-acting and that’s great.

    Of course they had the usual non-actors when it came to the Americans/Aussies/Brits, but it wasn’t too distracting. I particularly liked the love story between the leads, even though the mother came off as arrogant a bit. But that’s her. A high and mighty doctor and she was great in the role. They were both arrogant. But not bad like the critics say. I still cared about them. And I like when JH put her in place and reminded her that she was still a doctor and had a responsibility to all the people. Not just herself and daughter. I actually adored the love story formed between JH’s character and the little girl even more! Because they were together more often. She really did steal the show from everyone.

    I don’t want to give any spoilers, but there were scenes and themes throughout that smacked of “I am legend” the original book and fifties film. I’m talking about the certain ‘disposal’ methods and the ‘cure.’ That was one of the greatest books about a ‘virus’ ever written, imo.

    Familiar drama faces abound! When I saw one of them I immediately thought…Robbers! LOL. 😉

    All in all, it was a great movie and more importantly, I got to see Jang Hyuk on the big screen and he was captivating. I can actually see this type of movie in a drama format, not necessarily a never-ending one, but maybe 12 or 16 episodes with a lot of stories intertwining. Something epic like ‘The Stand.’ with our Jang Hyuk in the lead of course.

    Going once is enough for me though, unless they move it to a Manhattan theater anytime soon. But I’ll be sure to get this one on Netflix, dvd, etc. And because Gumi said so, I stayed past the credits! Win! Everyone else left the theater! (I was at a matinee, there were only about 10 other people.) Let’s just say I was grinning ear to ear because we didn’t have to deal with an ending Korean movies are known for.

    • I love your review Lady G! I almost feel like doing a special post with it! Can we pleaseeeee? I really want to watch this but I will have to wait for Netflix

    • Thank you for the review. So jealous you got to see it on big screen.
      I can’t watch it any time soon. Glad to hear that it was a great movie. I think I will love it too. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the review. I’m disappointed that I can’t watch it any time soon but I think I will love it. Can’t wait to read your longer review. 🙂

  11. “The fact that he’s a super affectionate husband is famous in Jamshil.” What is Jamshil?
    Hyukie is such an amazing person. I’m also very proud of being his fangirl and that’s why we love him.

  12. I feel so good and proud of him whenever I hear stories like this, like he’s my own brother or something.
    He seems like a beautiful person. I’m so proud to be his fan!

  13. Well .. I feel speaks of the director say us that… Hyukie does not die the flu !i am happyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  14. Wow
    My God!
    I loveeeeeeeeee himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    i Die for him
    A mastermind!!!! If hyukie could not easily pass along a person unconscious in the street, if I saw him in the street one day I’ll anesthesia!my godddddddddddddd
    Then he came to me for help me come…then i kiss him suddenly and ! Then ran

  15. Im sitting in a theater to watch the flu for the forth time! And im gonna see hyukie after the movie!! Excited!!

  16. Oh, thank goodness he’s a ‘Real Man’ now!! Moms, why why do you do that to your sons?? LOLOL! It IS a doll! 😦 Shows how bad my eyesight is even with my glasses. I just saw her head down looking all cute. Didn’t see her stiff arm.

  17. This is totally irrelevant, but in an interview broadcasted today(was supposed to be yesterday but they abruptly changed the schedule) JH talked about how his nickname was white girl when he was young, cuz his skin was white and he was pretty and his mom dressed him like a girl lol

  18. Is it possible that this director fanboys Hyukie more than we fangirl him? lol! This is cool!

    • LOL. I was just thinking the same. This article is amazing. Well, Jang Hyuk is amazing. I love to hear stories like this. And it was so sweet of him to try and go back to see if the person who fainted needed help. Love that picture on top of him holding the little girl. Looks so sweet. Would love to see a ‘father-daughter’ drama with him in the future. I’m watching “Two-Weeks,” and it’s really good (Props to Ryu Soo Young who plays a sweet, but fierce detective) I can totally imagine Jang Hyuk in the lead role though. It would have been perfect for him too.

      • You are making me dream again 🙂 I think I’ll start watching Two Weeks for Ryu and I’ll probably imagine Hyuk in the lead role too 😋

        • I think you definitely will see Jang Hyuk in the role. The guy is very ‘Oh Joonish’ in the beginning, until he finds out he has a daughter who needs his life saving bone-marrow, and then he becomes a framed fugitive and the clock is ticking until her operation. It’s real exciting. A bit violent in the outset though. But it’s not meant to be a happy comedy.

      • He is such a sweet guy:) and btw, the girl he is holding is a doll he used during filming. Cuz he broke his arm and couldnt carry the girl and they made a doll for him. But he even has chemistry with the doll! Lol. He has really good father daughter chemistry with young girls

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