We asked Jang Hyuk: Soldier and Rescue Worker, which one is harder?

Following is interview done by tenasia, posted in August 22. I loved the interview, and yesterday I realized that it’s not only me who enjoys his interview, so here it goes, another translation for u guys 🙂 But it contains some spoiler from the movie so beware of it. The original article can be found in http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=312&aid=0000017639


Which one is harder, a soldier or a rescue worker? I asked a random question to Jang Hyuk. Currently what defines Jang Hyuk are those two words, a soldier and a rescue worker. He is meeting the audience as a soldier on television and a rescue worker on movie screen. And he is getting hot response for both of the roles. ‘Wow, that must be hard for him,’ you think when you see him. In his age which is almost reaching 40, he is more ‘passionate’ than anyone else. On TV, and on movie screen, that passion just shows. That should be the reason why people love him.

He has yet another image on shows such as ‘The Guru Show’ or ‘Hwashin’. He has this weird charm that “makes a variety show into a documentary”. You throw a ‘joke’ at him, and he answers with an ‘academic paper’. I guess that’s just his personality, not a made-up image. In the interview that took place right before the release of the movie ‘The Flu’, this ‘documentarifying of joke’ continued. I asked without much thought, ‘which one is harder, a soldier or a rescue worker?’ but his answer contained his own ‘philosophy’. I could feel the sincerity and weight in his words. He has experienced a ‘fall’ from a hot star’s position due to the army scandal. But he changed the crisis into an opportunity. Jang Hyuk returned, with a stronger self both inside and outside. And he has been continuing his run. This actor, he is pretty attractive.

Q. Have you seen the reaction to the movie? Tell me anything you remember.

JH: They say it’s a disaster movie, and is scary although it’s talking about hope. And they also say they get weird feelings when someone coughs near them. Didn’t the swine flu a few years ago cause so much fear, especially because of the rumors? My child was just born at that time, so I could feel the fear in the movie more personally. In the movie, the virus is indeed deadly, but the rumor spreading in the camp and the confusion is even scarier.

Q. Some people say it’s ‘Park Minha’s movie’. What do you think about this?

JH: I don’t care whose movie it is. If I wanted to make this my movie, I would’ve tried to portray a hero. I understand that some people think Kang Jigoo’s character is unreal. But even in a war situation, there are people who run away for their own lives, but there are also people who stay and protect. That’s how balance is kept. So that’s why this is a people’s story. And in that story, there is a child named Mir acted by Park Minha. The more important point of the movie is what feeling it gives to the audience.

Q. Kang Jigoo tries to protect Mir so much, but she’s not even his family. And he falls in love with her mom Inhae (Soo Ae), but she’s not being nice to him at all. What causes him to keep protect the mother and the girl? ‘Crush on her’ does not seem like an enough explanation.

JH: Of course ‘crush’ was there, too. But it’s not a monotone reason. I heard soldiers joke around and laugh with each other right before a battle to get rid of nervousness. I think it’s similar. You share the same feelings. For example, if ‘Real Man’ was some other variety show, there wouldn’t be the sense of camaraderie. What kind of experience you share really matters. There’s also the matter of guilt. He is with this child, and at one point he loses her. Just think about how you will feel if you were responsible for your friend’s child, and you lost him. He tells Inhae that she should send the kid away when he finds out Mir is infected. He feels guilty, sorry, and very common and typical thoughts going on in his mind. Well, I guess the part he puts his arm around Inhae’s shoulder is out of ‘crush’, haha.

Q. As I watched the movie, I thought it would’ve been really hard for you. And seeing Kang Jigoo, he certainly feels like a hero, but after hearing your explanation, I guess not necessarily.

JH: I wasn’t too challenged physically. I have pretty good stamina, haha. Personally, I found getting the character right much harder than physical hardships. When I first saw the scenario, I said ‘Hey this kind of person doesn’t exist’. He felt unreal. I said ‘Please make him look not too heroic’ and started filming. But there was one thing I could sympathize with him. If something ‘pulls’ me, I just go with it. And Kang Jigoo was such a person too. That, sometimes, can seem to be heroic. But if you really analyze it, he actually didn’t really help others except Mir. He didn’t really have a grandiose goal of saving everyone. He simply wanted to send Mir to her mom. He wasn’t being a hero, but he was just following his emotions, and ended up looking active. When we were actually filming, we even thought he wasn’t doing much so we put in some scenes for him. But in the end those scenes got editted out.

Q. If it was actual Jang Hyuk, what would you have done in a situation like the movie?

JH: If my family is there, I’ll get in. When I was young, I couldn’t stand someone else yelling at my little brother. I could maybe yell at him, but not anyone else. But if I’m in a different region, and if I’m asked to vote pro or con of closing the city…I don’t think I can do it.

Q. I just came up with a random question. You currently have two sons. You acted with Park Minha this time, didn’t you think it’d be nice to have a daughter as you acted with her?

JH: I thought A LOT that it’d be nice to have a daughter. But it’s 50-50 chance. It could be a son, it could be a daughter. The important fact is, I can’t choose. So there’s a chance I’ll end up with three sons. Hahaha.

Q. You have already worked with director Kim Sung Soo in ‘Please Teach Me English’. That’s already ten years ago. How was director Kim on the filming site after ten years?

JH: He looked happy on site. I think that’s the biggest difference. Director feels a lot like a general. He has to be in control of everything and move everything. He still has that feeling, but that feeling became much more delightful. My personal wish is that directors of that age can work more.

Q. How much percentage did the director have in the reason you chose ‘The Flu’.

JH: 100%. This may be a little different story, but I think the most representative disaster movie is ‘Contagion’. ‘The Flu’ is also a disaster movie, but it is more focused on different kinds of people. ‘Warrior’ also shows different kinds of warriors in a limited setting in Koryeo dynasty. I thought this scenario also shows different sides of people in the limited infected area. That’s what the director is good at.


Q. He is known to be a fierce, scary director.

JH: True. But there’s a difference between a scary person and a strict person. He’s more a strict person. And when he did ‘Please Teach Me English’, he was actually really kind. I heard the rumor that he was scary, but I didn’t experience it myself, haha.  I’ve known him since 1996, and director Kim at that time would encourage even extras, telling them “This scene’s main role is you.” And even when he does get mad, it doesn’t go over a day. He lets it go.

Q. This is irrelevant to your movie, but I can’t not ask about ‘Real Man’. You had the military service scandal in the past. And currently you are doing a military variety show, ‘Real Man’. I’m curious what you felt when you started it. I’m sure some people were saying “He didn’t even go to the army properly, and he’s doing an army show”.

JH: This may not be the direct answer, but I felt the words “Peaceful sea cannot make a skilled sailor, violent sea makes a skilled sailor” (Gumi: I’m not sure if this is the right translation). Anyway, what has been done cannot be undone. I have to carry them till the end. But if I get conscious of it and start limiting myself, I feel like I can’t do anything. I did start ‘Real Man’ precisely because it is army. In my late 20s I was imagining my 30s, but I ended up starting my 30s in army. I felt like I had clear footprints of what I had done in my 20s, but the army swept them all away. But then as I lived with my original name, not Jang Hyuk, in the army, I was slowly finding myself. I lived every day well, leaving clear footprints. After I came back from the army, the strong yearning for acting changed me a lot. I started to have more active approach, and thankfully I got to meet good dramas and I came to this point. And I watched ‘Real Man’, and it didn’t feel just like a variety show to me. So I thought if I do it, I could get the feeling of starting again, and I wanted to do it. I also thought about, what would my children think when they find out about this? I think it won’t be easy. So partly, I thought, if I could at least show them doing something to make it up, wouldn’t it be a little better? That kind of thought was combined. I still don’t think RM is just a variety show. And that one week of filming is a ‘healing’ experience for me. And I get to enjoy three weeks of freedom, haha.


Q. You experienced being a soldier and a rescue worker. Which one is harder?

JH: As I do Jeet Kune Do and many other sports, I get a lot of questions, ‘Is this one stronger or that one stronger?’ I really don’t know. It depends on how the person got used to it, how long he did it, and how much experience he has. I have actually been a soldier so I can tell that experience, but I haven’t experienced being a real rescue worker. But I did get the feeling that rescue workers are not doing it entirely out of noble duty. There certainly is  strong sense of duty, but the comradeliness between the workers is really important. There are too many accidents happening, but there’s always lack of workers, so when one of them is off duty, others have to cover more. Off duty person also doesn’t feel comfortable about it. So that sense of camaraderie was a strong motive.

Q. Your first drama after the army was ‘Thank You’. People associate Jang Hyuk with charisma, before and after the army. But personally, I liked your image in ‘Thank You’ as well. But I feel like your image is getting fixed to one side.

JH: I’m totally feeling what you’re feeling too. An actor and his public image are two different things. I did do different projects, such as ‘Searching for the Elephant’, ‘Maybe (Rabbit and the Lizard)’, ‘The Client’, but they seem to be less appealing than my other works. I am keep trying. And I don’t get anxious and think, ‘Isn’t it too late?’. I try my best at what I’m currently doing, and I try out different things, too. Important thing is to separate myself from my characters. There will be good moments and bad moments, so if I don’t separate myself I will end up being shaken. Or at least be influenced.

Q. I’m seeing you a lot in talk shows these days. Of course there’s movie promotion to do, but it also looks like a strategy to change up your image. To expose your more delicate side.

JH: I’m more emotional than rational. So I don’t move according to strategies. For example, I never got out of the company I started with. If I start a project seeing a director, I go till the end seeing only that director. Now I’m getting good responses in TV shows, but how long will that last? I don’t think it will last forever. My essence is always an actor.

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    I I can not bear..
    what you think about this?do you too ?

    • The people you always want NOT to die wind up dying in Korean movies. It’s infuriating. I’m afraid he might too.

      • Oh it’s not fair!
        Imagine! Hyukie becomes sick from breathing it would
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        • I hate when JH dies in his dramas and stuff too. At first I thought wooow, he dies in everything, but I think he balances it out a bit, though not too evenly. I hope he lives in ‘The Flu’ also.

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  7. These comments are for the most part so funny! You are all a fun loving bunch of fans and I’m glad we can all have a sense of humor about Jang Hyuk (and his hats!) Some fans get sooo serious and bite your head off if you say anything is less than perfect. That’s wrong. Actors are humans too. Thanks for the information, interviews and laughs. Good night all!

  8. Awww
    um…, my father flee when the soldiers of the army so was ordered to serve four years instead of two years!hahaha
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  9. Gumi, thank you so much for explaining it all. So JH probably thought that his career was over when this happened. I think I read somewhere that he was so shameful of what he had done, even after serving 2 years in the army, he could not hold up his head. He was still carrying around a lot of guilt. The writer of the drama Thank You who is in the same agency thought that he would be great for the role of Dr. Min and she gave him the lead role. And I heard him say in one of the talk shows that he is forever thankful to her for giving him the chance.

    • Wow .. he is ashamed for having children before marriage?

      • No, I don’t think he is shameful of that. he was very shameful about evading his military duty.

      • He is actually proud of it, lol. It was a perfectly carried out plan, according to him

      • I say the guy to follow Johnny Depp’s hat!chinja
        Ah…i did not like Johnny Depp’s hat..and now JH’s hat!!!!!

      • Well I have no comment on his life choices, they are his to make, but once a few months back when I joined a JH group on FB someone started in and getting all nasty about his marriage, etc. saying it was forced, like a ‘shotgun wedding’ blah blah. I had to kindly put them in their place and tell them look, are you fan or not? What does that have to do with his wonderful acting and dramas and movies? Who are we to judge?

        • This is what he said in the Guru show (we did a post for this so I’m copying that fragment) The hosts asked him about having a son before marriage, something that is frowned upon in Korea. He answered that it was deliberate. His parents and his agency were not in favor of his sudden marriage at first. He and his wife wanted to get married as soon as possible after he got out of the army and they wanted to have a child soon, because she was already in her mid 30′s and as we all know, the more a woman waits, the more dangerous it can be. So they went on a trip and conceived their first son. Then conceived a child without “consent” or at least with some resistance from his parents. But when their son was born “everything settled on cue” as Jang Hyuk says. His parents were super excited with the baby, pushing each other, fighting over, who the baby looks like After his first son Jae Heon was born, he finished his drama Robbers and married his wife. So Jang Hyuk says that having a son before marriage was not a mistake but it was the perfect order for him.

        • Well shes clearly not a fan, assuming false stories. Forced marriage with a girl he dated for eight years? Nah. He told her lets get married before he went to the army. It was very much a well thought out decision.

          • I think she was one of those over zealous JEALOUS fans spouting bitter grapes. You can’t rely on the media to print the real stories, they love gossip. It’s good he cleared things up at least.

      • Oh my gosh! realy??
        Jang Hyuk’s private life which has nothing to anyone.!
        It would upset me.
        I had been wondering that maybe he is embarrassed about his marriage … but then I realized that that is about his army
        This is really upsetting.
        I really burns my heart.. He does not run like other men., But make the family
        if I was there, I’ll shoot to that person myself … no one has the right not trying to insult to my Oppa

      • Yes exactly, I agree with you drama fans
        But .. Oh God, how he finally got married to a woman that two years older him! Was a pity

      • I’m here one who got me looking i am down!

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    • I am the sole culprit! I accept the guilt. The pictures weren’t loading and I went and reuploaded them. I knew this was your favorite hat Lady G so I had to 😈

    • lol. I haven’t seen the sisterhood movie but Brotherhood of the Traveling Hat sounds like a perfect title for a comedy! Hahaha
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      • I never saw the sisterhood movie either, but the title makes me laugh. It would definitely be a comedy and we can have an all star cast including my favorites Oh Ji Ho and Song Il Guk.

        • Ok we need to start finding other hot actors with hideous hats to cast. Johnny Depp needs to be in this movie and Puss in Boots is a shoe in (or a boot in?) Btw I actually love him in his sailor hat. He looks pretty somehow 😀

          • Puss in boots hat! It can make a cameo appearance. Picture the scene-JH’s character-very down on his luck like Oh Joon, walks into a mysterious corner hat shop out of curiosity, he’s riffling around, trying on all these used hats, but no go, he’s just about to decide on the Puss in boots when suddenly this grey monstrosity catches his eye. It’s a ‘magic’ moment, it’s almost glowing. He picks it up, puts it on and makes all those poses you see in the photos up there, suddenly, his life changes for the better…then he decides he HAS to tell his friends about it, and thus starts the traveling hat.

          • I vaguely remember seeing him in a sailor hat. I imagine he would look very pretty. 😀

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              • LOLOL. Right! We have to do a Brotherhood of the traveling hat FISHERMAN drama!

              • Then what am I thinking of? How could I remember him in a sailor hat?? bwahaha, I’m losing it. My imagination is very vivid here. I can see him in a whole sailor outfit! Maybe I was thinking of the porkpie hat you posted recently, that sort of looks like a sailor cap.

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  11. he is in Thank you so much more attractive than windstruck! really
    But that is for his military?
    He is in the design of real men more attractive.
    But no one really expected it who was expelled from the army to go back voluntarily
    But there is a mystery to me, my English is not good … and I have question do he voluntarily gone , or re-deployed?
    According to hyukie, its role in influenza like to lee Dae gil in Chuno!
    Because he always trying to chuno for lee da hae!now for Soo Ae in flu. It was very nice
    Penthouse I have not seen it is not available
    However, rabbits and lizards in the car scene where she laid her hand on his hand and he wake up and his tear is beautifuly

  12. Btw, I’m really impressed that he knows his image is being fixed to more charismatic side, but he is not anxious about it. He recognizes that it is a problem, and he is doing what he can do about that problem, but because he knows he’s doing all he can do, he’s not anxious or insecure about it! He is very solid and grounded, and I love it.

    • Yes, post Chuno, that macho masculine image was permanently imprinted on many. But since I have seen almost all of his work, I know that he is a versatile actor. I’m hoping that he will be able to do a romantic comedy with Soo Ae …I haven’t seen the Flu but from what I read in the interviews, they had great chemistry.

    • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with thinking he has charisma. 🙂 I always thought so from the moment I saw him onscreen. Maybe he needs to play a real villain then and shock the fans. LOL.

  13. I’m trying not to read the spoilers! So I will come back to this interview after I’ve seen the movie and discuss more. The Flu opens here in NYC on 9/6/13, not too far away. 🙂 Gotta plan my day trip to Queens, NYC. It’s about a 2 hour subway trip from where I live. And then of course to go back. 4 hours or more of travel! :p I need to use Google Earth and look around for a nice restaurant, shopping. etc. haha. Besides the movie, I have to make the day count.

    I really loved his performance in “Rabbit and the Lizard”, but I wish there were more interaction with him and that woman. She was cold as ice. As I often see in dramatic K-Movies. But I was thoroughly engrossed with his character and motivations. He made the movie. Otherwise it would have been very boring.

    This comment is a tiny bit spoiler:

    **There was a scene where he has a nightmare (he frequently does) and fears his heart stopped, she’s hovering over him because he was crying in his sleep, he just pops up and grabs her in the tightest hug ever. And she actually shows a little compassion and keeps him in the embrace as he shivers and cries. That scene is embedded in my mind. I wish I were her! To me it’s one of his best acting moments.**

    “I started to have more active approach, and thankfully I got to meet good dramas and I came to this point.”

    This was the point I made in the other interview comment. All his best drama work, starting with ‘Thank You’, came after his stint in the army. Where as he says, he found himself. It’s a shame he has to be branded with that ‘scandal.’ They need to give it up already. He’s paid his dues for whatever their worth and he owns up to it. They should leave him in peace and just focus on his acting, which as he says, is his essence.

    • Ah, so you’re watching The Flu soon! I’m excited for you. Can’t wait for you to watch it and come talk about it 🙂

      I loved The Rabbit and The Lizard, and yesss I loved the scene you talked about. Eunsul was lovely. He was unstable, vulnerable, and yet calm and peaceful. A very subtle, delicate and rare character.

      I don’t blame people who still care about the army ‘scandal’. It’s a big thing in Korea, people hate going to the army or sending off their family to the army soo much but they are forced to do so, so I understand the animosity they hold towards army scandals. But that’s why I’m even more impressed at Jang Hyuk, because so far he’s the only one who has been ‘forgiven’ by (not all, but) many people. There are so many other stars who didn’t get to return, or those who did return but people are only saying bad things about them regarding the army problem. But Jang Hyuk, there are more people saying good things about him even when the army topic is brought up. And that was only possible because he almost desperately showed his sincerity. Not an easy thing, and I truly think he is amazing.

      • Thank you for sharing the info on military scandal. Living in the states, it’s hard to gauge what people’s attitudes are in Korea. Hearing that many celebrities haven’t been able to make a come back, Korean people don’t forgive easily. JH is truely amazing; he was able to move so many people’s heart.

        Gumi, Just out of curiosity, do Korean people feel the same way about Song SH? He was wrapped up in the same scandal at the same time as JH and he still seems to have an acting career.

        • Um, i feel cautious to state about other celebs…but ill just state the public opinion, making clear im not personally against them. So there are three stars who is successful even after army scandal, and thats Psy SSH and JH. For Psy, the scandal wasnt too big of a hit for his image, because his image was closer to a bad boy to begin with. He had this mischievous irresponsible image, so when the scandal broke people blamed him but a couple years later people were like oh well did u expect high morals from psy?? and just kinda forgot about it. And his music is good (his other songs r better than gangnam style or gentleman) so yes..people dont care that much.
          For actors its different, they should have “good” image, and it was much bigger deal for SSH and JH (and HJS who was a big deal back then but didnt get to be as successful after the scandal). SSH, on surface, did make a successful come back, but he is mostly ridiculed among koreans, especially young people. Older ladies who dont go on internet forgot about it, because the scandal is mentioned nowhere on tv, but younger people remember and despise him for it. His most used nickname is a deriding one related to the scandal, and whenever he is mentioned the scandal is mentioned together. Rumors about his attitude in the army are also pretty bad, so it is kind of unanimous that about the army issue, SSH has no excuse, he was just bad. Foreign fans dont care too much, but he is not so respected as an actor in Korea. So for psy people are like yeah he was an asshole for that, and that doesnt harm him much. For SSH responses are 1. Cant forgive him 2. Dont even know the scandal existed 3. Hey why do u care for the past? with 1. being the majority(at least among young people). For JH, stories r keep going around about how good he was in the army, he is going on an army show, and he is keep bringing up the scandal in his interviews, so most people know about the scandal. Its 1. Ok he has done wrong but he admits the fault and did everything he can to make it up so i guess ill let it go 2. I still hate him for that and it cant be forgiven 3. Why do u care about the past? Number 1 being the majority, i think.

      • Yes, that’s true, there would be lingering animosity toward him by those who have family members forced off to serve. And even with Hollywood stars, most ‘average joes’ feel that they get too many privileges already. I’m sure it would be the same if their were rules like that here in America. Which there were in the sixties and seventies during Vietnam.

        I’m glad there’s more good than bad talk about him though. I think actors and actresses in Korea care far more about their fans than in America.

        • Korea is a society that requires so much higher morales from its celebs. American stars have diff personalities and characters, and some of them r not so nice. To survive in Korean celeb world, u either have to be nice or pretend to be nice

    • I agree on The Rabbit and the Lizzard – Maybe. She was dreadfully boring. He was just so lovable. So yeah, I thought the movie was huh? but I loved him. And I adored that scene you describe! I think I’m going to rewatch his scenes soon! Ahhh you guys make me want to rewatch everything and I already have so much new stuff to watch on my list! I also like the scene when they got super drunk. I mean that was a hell of a drunk there! lol Lady G did you watch Searching for the elephant (aka Penthouse elephant). It is a weird movie, and it has strong scenes, violent and sexual, although the sexual scenes do not involve Jang Hyuk, but there is one rather freaky violent scene that involves him. I thought the movie was very WTF! but I appreciated his portrayal. He played a mentally ill man, he was really good. I didn’t understand if he was squizofrenic or manic depressive (can people be both?) because he diagnosed himself as both at different moments, although it might also be an issue with the translation. But anyway, the point is, he wasn’t a stable person. Still, he was very vulnerable and pitiful. I loved his portrayal.

      • haha! Dramafan I’m going to do just that tonight. I saw it on Netflix so I will just skip over to that scene. Otherwise, seriously, she was a complete drag, but he was awesome. I think if she were portrayed differently somehow, it could have become a truly wonderful love story, considering the past they shared. I loved that twist.

        I haven’t seen searching for the elephant, if it has all that, I tend to stay away from those kind of films. But I imagine he was terrific as a mentally ill person. Yeah, I think people can be both to varying degrees. I really want to see his early drama where he played the tough punk with Kim Haneul. But I take it he’s not the lead. Oh well, would love to see more early work. I started off with his best, recent stuff.

        • The actress in The Rabbit and the Lizard, it was her first movie ever, so I guess thats why. I agree her acting wasnt great, but i decided not to hate her cuz she said bunch of nice things about JH and her fans were nice to JH as well:P

          He is not THE lead in the drama, but he is one of the four leads. He gets his own story, its diff from being a supporting actor. Plus he is surrealy beautiful there, its worth watching

          • Actually I think Sung Yu-Ri is a great actress, I’ve seen her in early dramas like a thousand years of love with So-Ji Sub and most recently in Birth Secret. So I have nothing against her, just how the role itself was written. They were obviously going for quiet and introspective, but sometimes things can be too, too quiet. lol.

            Wish i could find that “Into the sunlight’ drama! with Eng. subs. :p

            • I think she was horrible in A Thousand Years of love, but i heard she is doing great in Birth Secret. Shes an actress who keeps improving. I personally dont think she was mature enough as an actress when she did Maybe, but i still approve her

              • hahaha, there was a lot of horribleness in what could have been the most amazing drama ever in ‘A 1000 years of love.’ They seriously seriously need to remake that one. I thought So ji Sub was terrific as ARI in the 1st few episodes, but his future self was just plain awful, as was his hair. omg. LOLOL. But it made me a fan of Kim Nam Jim as the rival love interest.

      • Hyukie inherently good.i think
        Gumi, i agree to your comment about American actors
        But i love korean actor really becuase they are realy good .. even if they’re forced to pretend to be a good live anyway they good live

    • I wish that the Flu was playing near where I am. I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to watch it. 😦

      I loved that scene in Rabbit and Lizard. At that moment in their embrace, he didn’t feel alone anymore. Maybe she felt the same. I liked how the story was told in that film. They finally find what they were looking for and their lives come to full circle.

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