Jang Hyuk promoting The Flu – Round of interviews – Photos

These are different photos, from the same round of interviews Jang Hyuk did for The Flu a few days ago, which are popping up on different publications. As you can see, fisherman hat and denim jacket are back but these are different and also pretty so, Enjoy!

P.D There are tons of pictures popping up everyday but I’m trying to be “selective” I promise you 😉

This is from MBN Star


And these are from Sports Seoul




11 responses to “Jang Hyuk promoting The Flu – Round of interviews – Photos

  1. Didn’t get to go to see the movie today. Going from Brooklyn to Queens I might as well be traveling to another country. But I hope to this coming weekend or next Monday. Things have been so busy lately. I really wish it were playing in Manhattan. 😦 Anyway, just thought I’d share the NY Times review.


    • Hey lazy you! I used to make the Queens-Manhattan commute every day 😉 Boohoo that review but at least they liked the kid 😦

      • Ughh, haha, but it’s a Queens BROOKLYN route, an extra mile long bus ride and train ride to the city. lol. Yeah that review was not too favorable. But they did say the acting was good. I wouldn’t expect them to say anything less for a Jang Hyuk movie. 😀

  2. AHHHH
    please put a new post!che balllll

  3. Too much should not be relied on for the critics say!
    Just they wanted to bring it down value
    Always been so!
    I don’t see The Flu but say it is a great movie!

  4. This Han Cinema review of ‘The Flu’ is really negative. :/ They talk about ever one being obnoxious, but the review itself seems a bit obnoxious. http://www.hancinema.net/hancinema-s-film-review-the-flu-59439.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+hancinema%2FAUJj+%28HanCinema+Daily+News%29

    • I know. I read it yesterday and I felt the same. According to Gumi, the special effects, which is the only part this guy liked, were the weakest part of the movie :p I think I’ll go with Gumi on this one. We’ll see for ourselves too 🙂

  5. Puss and Boots…I’m still laughing at that one. xD Okay, then for the hat drama, he’s a rich Chaebol whose great-grandfather started this floppy hat company from nothing, and now it’s somehow a popular huge corporation making all sorts of styles for every season.

  6. LOL! I don’t mind this hat so much as the Puss in boots one 😀 But yes, it seems he loves hats, and sometimes they are hit and sometimes they are a miss 😉

  7. I like the jacket. He’s looking very cool…but that hat…arrh!! We need to make a K-Drama based around that hat. LOL

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