Jang Hyuk and his hats part II

This post is actually a preview of Section TV interview post (which I hope to find the video for)

But I felt like commenting on these hats :p I tend to overlook celebrities fashion because, well, they don’t necessarily dress like “regular” people. So if they go a little eccentric I usually just don’t mind. But THIS HAT people! I couldn’t let go lol! This Puss in Boots hat with feathers! This has to get burned!

Despite this hat (which I disapprove more than google translate’s korean, and that is saying A LOT) this interview was a lot of fun, according to Gumi 🙂 Two stories have come out of this and are running around on the web so we can discuss:

  • Jang Hyuk once again clarified that his height is 1.74.5, not less than 1.70. 1.74.5 people! remember that! or Hyukie will keep throwing tantrums when clearing up this irritating subject lol! Actually, let’s keep teasing him. His tantrums are adorable!! Check out his mouth below, emphasizing the .5 😀


  • He also apparently said that he likes a girl group called 4minute and he asked them to visit the show Real Men. So he has been quoted to have said: I would like to have 4minute come on Real Men. Everyone is waiting for 4minute to come. I especially want them to sing ‘What’s your name’ for us. The moment a girl group comes to the army, I think ‘I can die right now.
  • Lol! ok, this is a surprise to me, because the times that girl groups have visited the show, Jang Hyuk has been the most composed and least “crazy” about them . But I guess Men will be well…Men. I do feel this is him just being playful though. Love his expression in the last pic (still not love “the hat”)


Now this photo OMG! I’ve been spazzing incoherently ever since ep 19 of RM ended and hey showed this preview for ep 20 (I owe you recaps of 18 and 19) This hat I approve! but who cares about the hat? I’m still not sure if this hawwwwt man!!! is Jang Hyuk. Gumi says its him but I think this is his “handsomer” cousin, you know? the one who is not married and wants to marry me? Yeah, that one! the one in my dreams! I mean, how does this man manage to “outhandsome” himself eh? ok, allow me to…*THUNK*


19 responses to “Jang Hyuk and his hats part II

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  2. Haha this was a response to the two comments above! Sorry!

  3. K how about this. Drama fan u get the handsome soldier, and ill get hyukie. Cuz i can actually tolerate his puss in a boot hat! Actually i think its very pretty! Who else could pull it off? He looks like a puss in a boot and is adorable!

  4. I thought now … I do not want to him!
    this man will yours
    I suddenly saw the photo from hyuk oppa!he is really more handsome from that man
    the eyes of this guy is very big!i do not like them!

  5. A A A!!
    Do you mean I’m dead? he is mine!!!
    Who is this guy? he is very much like oppa!
    My goodness
    Wow, if he have a wife..i will cry !!!!lol!

  6. Hahahaha, Puss in boots! Love it! So he’s a nice 5.8 1/2 inches. 🙂 Sounds right. That last pic doesn’t look like him, haha, he out handsomed himself!

    • He doesn’t right? I keep telling Gumi it’s not him! But then again, who could it be? Whoever he is! I need to marry him! 😀

      • LOL. I’m examining closely. I think it IS him. The hair is the same, look at the hat pic sideburns to match. The nose, with that distinct bump on top, the thin upper lip. The high pointed cheekbones. It’s just one of those rare pics where you don’t look like yourself. LOL. Plus, we are so used to seeing him with that goatee and mustache shadow forever, this guy hiding out looks clean-shaven. And those are his eyes-same eyelids. I believe it’s our JH. 😀

      • Yes, I did get confuddled for a bit. lol. You know what, I didn’t realize Ryu Soo Young was in this too. Love him!! His smile melts me. I’m watching him as a fierce, but kind detective on the new drama ‘Two Weeks.’

        • Haven’t you read my recaps saying Ryu smile this, Ryu smile that, between 200 swons for Hyukie? His smile is nice and contagious. Ryu is sexy and fun on RM. He was my second favorite in it, but now Hyungsik has won that place, but there is still a place in my heart for Ryu’s smile 😉

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