Jang Hyuk makes me jealous when he talks about Soo Ae


I like this interview from enewsworld.com, specially because it is in english 😀 therefore, I didn’t have to resort to my “frenemy” Mr. Google Translate to try to understand, or bug Gumi to come to the rescue. I will post only my favorite quotes (him talking so sweetly about his colleague Soo Ae *I’m jealous*), and the rest you can check in the original source. Btw, I don’t love the pics they used so I posted a different one that I  like. I look forward to seeing them in a romantic comedy.

“Soo Ae is an actress who studies the piece as much as I do. It was great to work with her. The set really felt like the scene of a disaster because it was a disaster film. That made us grow closer to each other.”

“Trust is important in romantic comedies. Teamwork is more important than your skills, and it′s important that your costar knows how to catch what you throw at her. Soo Ae fits me well in that sense. There was romance with Soo Ae in our first shoot for The Flu, and we didn′t feel awkward even though we stuck in a few adlibs here and there. I think it would be great for Soo Ae to try a genre like that too. She has a lot of attractions, and I hope she gets the chance to show all of them.”

4 responses to “Jang Hyuk makes me jealous when he talks about Soo Ae

  1. Incidentally, I also wanted to say I really envy to Soo Ae !
    she is very pretty and she is near to hyukie!the worse from all jang hyuk loves her!
    I wish I was near him!
    I’m extremely jealous Gumi realy!she is near him!
    Ahhh..i very jealous to his wife!she s near him too!
    um..Drama fan..you are member in soompi site?how can i become member that site?

  2. He’s so gracious to his co-stars. A real class act. 🙂

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