Westwood CF – New TV Ad with Jang Hyuk

Intensity, manliness and “engrish” :D. Killer combination! ❤❤❤👍👏👏

15 responses to “Westwood CF – New TV Ad with Jang Hyuk

  1. LOLOLOL. Lady Gaga! (The ‘G’ is for Ginger by the way.) You are all so funny. Okay, if this is a Superhero drama then I will play the Superhero sidekick in strange Lady Gaga costumes who harbors a secret crush, but then later realizes that another superhero is secretly in love with me and he can be played by either Oh Ji Ho, Song Il Guk, or Choi Jin Hyuk! hahaha. ;D Or I’ll just be a strange Lady Gaga that lives in an igloo who has a secret crush on him, (after I help him escape the villain Dramafan! haha) but I still get my own guy in the end! heehee.

  2. What ??no no no no!!
    I am his lawyer , I do a job that he become lover me! if not become…very well force he will lover me!! Hahahaha
    Unless bad Judge Story (Darama fan) lol!! kill me! Killing me?
    i am jealous … um..no..
    gumi go because he is guilty, and he lover is his lawyer now!
    this is interested (prosecutors, judges, and lawyers love) say Oppa!him
    In the end the judge to seize the man’s lawyer kills her!
    But the young lawyer before give to judge that the poison!
    oomo!Dramafan, why do you became very violent in our drama!!! ?Hahahahahahahahaha

  3. drama fan..um…you khow Choi Gang-Hee ?as cha ji min in thank you drama?
    he i just want to say that i very love her..hm?

  4. Oh, I thought it is just a promotion for Jackets!
    oh..that is a new drama?
    wow he will not to rest?
    his body is made of iron?

    • Cathy, it is a commercial. We are just using our imaginations 🙂

      • chinja?
        hwww..i did not khow

      • Drama fan!
        If the snow melts in the your new drama and icy hot man is the main factor
        And if defenseless
        I will become a lawyer to defend him!
        and you play in Character a bad judge! Hahahahaha
        Gumi was also play in Character icy hot man’s love!!!, because she is korean and more right ! Hahahaha
        And Lady Gaga play in character the prosecutor !
        Just a client number two!
        What do you think?

        • Lady Gaga? lol! will Lady G also wear those strange Lady Gaga outfits? Our drama is turning into a wacky rom com! So Gumi wins the role of his love? Ahhhh I’m so jelaous 😀 Wae am I the villain? lololololol Cathy! can the villain be in love with the hot fisherman and kidnap him? In that case I might accept the role 😀

  5. Yowza! Okay, next JH drama has to have snow and mountains.

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