Sleepy Jang Hyuk – Family Outing, Dragon Brothers episode

POST REVAMPED TO ADD GIFS (This post shall motivate us to go to sleep early. It has a purpose now! And to follow my own advice! I’m saying goodnight to you all. Sweet dreams!)


What’s the justification for this silly post? let me think of something…mmmmmmmmm nope, I’ve got nothing 😐 I just said that this is to motivate to go to bed early! It has a very altruistic purpose!

It’s just that lately 1.- I’ve been teaching myself how to make gifs (I still don’t know how to make them light enough to post on tumblr though:( I can do this now) 2.- The first time I saw this scene of Jang Hyuk talking in his sleep, unable to wake up, swaying his body from one side to the other, I laughed very hard, and vowed to make a gif of it! This is just so me, every morning of every day of my life LOL! I bet any non morning person can relate 😉

The quality of the original video wasn’t great, therefore the gifs are so so, but I still think they are funny.

jh_sleep_talking jh_sleepy1 jh_sleepy2

jh_sleepy_bow jh_sleepy_bow2 jh_sleepy_bow3 jh_sleeping jh_sleeping2


10 responses to “Sleepy Jang Hyuk – Family Outing, Dragon Brothers episode

  1. LOL. That’s me when I wake up too! Totally not a morning person. I’m glad I start work in the afternoons now after getting up at 5:30am for years before that! I love staying up too late, mostly to watch dramas. :p Love your ‘just because’ pictures. Just because he’s HOT!

  2. ya!Drama fan or not you want to put new up?
    i miss youuuuuu
    where are you Dramafan?

  3. Oh God
    Very funny
    Wow so cool hyukie
    my mom sees the photographs and says:
    Let the boy that he sleep!
    Haha My mom’s heart burns!
    Oh, it was so funny!
    thanks thanks thankssssss Drama fan for your try to make this gifs
    i very laugh
    oh and about your target …these gifs for me is very good!becuase i always wake up in night and i am asleep in days!hahaha
    oh..i think that sleep at 10 o’clock this night!

  4. Yes Yes Yes
    Yeah, I’m really happy and I am honored that you are here because of my blog
    Thanks guys if you’d like I can really put it anywhere you want to translate your tongue until I realized I get on my blog

  5. Oh God, I’m losing my hair Google translate, because the wrong name jang hyuk writes?

  6. Oh hello, thank you very, very much to the blog I really did not surpris very happy
    I am happy to have genuine fans of Jang Hukk connection Honestly I’m not even good English, although a shame, but I can google the site to talk to translate your
    Can I ask a question? what is your name?I wanted to know if it’s okay, I placed a call out your name

  7. Hi Cathy, welcome! so happy to meet a Jang Hyuk fan from Iran. I see that you have a blog yay! That is wonderful! I don’t understand the language but I love your pics 😉 Do you mind if if we include it among our favorite Jang Hyuk sites? 🙂

  8. Oh my gosh I can not control myself from laughing intensity
    Oh nice, it was not like I was ever Hyok Oppa Thank you very very very grateful for this post
    You were fantastic photographs
    The thing I have to say I’m Iranian
    I’m happy I met you Hyok Jang fire fans

  9. The captures were a gift for you 😉 I know you loved that look. I watch these gifs to remind me of how Im going to feel tomorrow morning. Ahhhhhh but I still dont feel sleepy. Aiiiissshhhh

  10. awwwww i love sleeping/sleepy hyukie! also love the bonus captures, especially the last one of him covering his mouth

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