People Inside Ep 381 – An interview with Jang Hyuk – Video, photos and excerpts

Jang Hyuk appeared on the show People Inside on Tvn. Thanks to Cheryl for bringing the link to the videos. There are 8 clips so I will only post one (where you can see a rare and adorable image of Jang Hyuk’s older son) and the rest you can watch by clicking on this link:

Gumi translated some parts of this interview, one of the most in depth and interesting we have seen lately (and we’ve seen a lot!) See the excerpts below the images.

    • Random fact we learned. His cellphone case is a military pattern design (He is in soldier mode these days)
    • He fears water. Yup! We are confused because he has done many dangerous action scenes in water, and we have seen him practice surfing but he actually said that he wouldn’t like that much if the Real Man crew would go to the Navy and if someone asks him to choose between going into a gas chamber or going  into water, he would choose the gas chamber 1o times.
    • He thought Please Teach Me English was going to be an action film, due to the director’s previous work. He read the script expecting the moment the film would get the “twist” into action. He was hesitant about doing this but when he went to see the director, he asked before Jang Hyuk could speak: ” Did you like it?” Jang Hyuk said unsure: Well, it is a romantic comedy…The director held his hand and said :”If you try your best, I will try me best”. And so he got persuaded
    • An acting teacher was interviewed. We have seen this before, but never posted about it so here goes the story. This teacher “complained” that Jang Hyuk was such a passionate student that he once got him sick. Jang Hyuk would wait for the teacher to finish his classes at night and ask him for 5 minutes to ask some questions. But it would never take 5 minutes. Once he brought energy drinks and had the teacher held up for hours. The teacher got sick and ended up in the hospital lol! Jang Hyuk defended himself by saying that he was this teacher’s first and only student and then when the teacher got more students, he had to steal some extra hours from him.
    • The host said: One of your most famous quotes came from my show episode 42, remember? And they replayed the clip. The host had asked him about the 120 times he failed auditions, at the beginning of his career. Jang Hyuk said that it was depressing and he questioned whether he had chosen the right path. And how he couldn’t understand why he failed. And he thought he could make it because he worked hard on “his standard”. But later he realized “I shouldn’t work hard on my standard. I should just desperately work hard”.
    • The word “my standard” doesn’t belong in the world of professionals. Once you enter that world, there is no one who doesn’t work hard. But you also need some luch

    • And then what does he think about luck?
    • Opportunity doesn’t come just because you worked hard. But the given opportunity can be grabbed only by those who work hard

    • He then said “If you really work hard, at some point you get to start enjoying it” and the host asked “And once you enjoy it, you get to do it better than others?”. Jang Hyuk replied “Once you enjoy it, you wish you could do it better than others”.
    • He said he didn’t like reading when he was young. “That’s why I hated  King Sejong you know?” (a wink to Ddolbock) The host reminded him that without King Sejong’s korean alphabet the would still have to learn chinese characters which are harder. And so he agreed” Yeah, that is why I let him go”
    • He remembered the time when he did chin ups outside of a 14th floor building. The host asked him, what would he say if he saw his son doing that? He closed his eyes and took a deep sigh and said “He actually has that kind of tendency, I think”. The is the moment when they shows the image of his older son, who was less than 1 year old and he was climbing up the kitchen counter.


  • The host said: Jang Hyuk’s biggest weapon is his hard working nature, what do you think? He replied: Hard working…well, more than that, I think it is curiosity. Hard working is an attitude that makes you keep doing the process. On the other hand, curiosity is something that makes you do something because you are interested., because you think it’s going to be fun, so you do it. “. So if he compared it to reading, he is not reading a lot of books because he is hard working and keeps a consistent habit but, because he reads this, comes up with questions, gets curious, wants to know more about it, so he reads another book. He said there is such a thing as “mental hunger”.  

4 responses to “People Inside Ep 381 – An interview with Jang Hyuk – Video, photos and excerpts

  1. Thank you for sharing…v interesting to learn more abt JH. He fascinates me, 1st Asian actor to do so. For every role he plays you can empathize w the character. So 120 auditions meant nothing becos it shows his continous tenacity and commitment in his profession. Im surprised abt his comments on Please Teach Me English becos that was a v funny movie and i enjoyed it thoroughly. Was not surprised then for FTLY as it meant he could do comedy.

  2. Thanks so much for the coverage, ladies. Such a deep and perceptive man. I especially liked his answer to the last statement. Love the detailed and meticulous Hyuk!

  3. Oh my god my god my god
    oh…look at small boy..oh..i want that hug tight him
    Oh jang hyuk’s boy..oh..
    oomo !why he afraid of the water?after seeing Taza that Kim Goni dive into the water so I thought he likes swiming

  4. Thanks so much for the translation. Have so much fun reading and watching his news lately. Keep them coming, enjoy them so much!

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