Jang Hyuk and his hat – photos

A brief post for a change 😉 What do we say to this hat, yay or nay? I haven’t decided yet but I kind of like these photographs. Good night everyone! 🙂




12 responses to “Jang Hyuk and his hat – photos

    • Ohhh I just saw it! Too cute! I love that kitten! Well, here is something funny. In the series Into the Sunlight, my mother and I found that Hyukie looked a lot like one of my brothers. And my brother’s nickname is “cat” 😀 so yeah I see the feline features.

      • You say serious?oh realy??
        Wow are so lucky that your brother sees like oppa
        my brother sees like vampire!tehee!! you Know?
        Each of my friends are saying:
        Oh jang hyuk look! Looks like my uncle
        jang hyuk look like my cousin.
        But i have not anybody that looklike hyukie
        oh but hyukie sometimes looklike that Kitten..wowwwwwwyyy i love that eat him!

  1. awwwwwwwww he like to Johnny Depp in this pics by that hat!!he is a fan?he is Johnny Depp fan!?
    he is handsome!
    His childhood nickname was a white kitten?
    Look at this pic.. Dama fan

    are they like?hww i love thic cat..

    • I don’t know if he is a fan but you are right! the fashion is similar. Johnny Depp wears a lot of hats. I think his nickname as a child was “white girl” lol. He had delicate features and a very fair skin when younger, it seems. I can’t see your pic on my phone. I’ll try on the laptop later 😉

      • Oh God …i think hyukie was very cute and delicate
        But still he is delicate! hyukshic said that he’s got the sensitive skin and …
        but i love him for two case!HANA:he is very handsome,cuye and delicate,TUL:he is a power man!like jung yoo gun
        but i more love him for his elegance
        But Johnny Depp is great too! Much love xx
        But not as much hukie
        i love hyuk..veryyyyyyyyyyyyy muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Okay, A young, hot fisherman…that’s a better image! *Drama* ideas springing to my head. LOL

  3. (makes a hiss noise…) I’m not feelin’ it. It makes him look like an old fisherman. If he had to wear a hat in these, I’d rather a porkpie hat, or the paperboy ones he wore in Robbers. 😀 But the photos are great. Just him hanging around all casual.

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