Jang Hyuk looks great in blue – photos

I am super busy today, but I took a break to post these. Yes, I know…You are welcome 🙂

These photos have been published by different media sources and we assume are the result of a press session with Jang Hyuk.

Please remember that you can click on the small images, if you want to see them larger.

20130812-214620.jpg 20130812-214603.jpg 20130812-214537.jpg


4 responses to “Jang Hyuk looks great in blue – photos

  1. Oh noooooooooooooo
    I saw a cut of Serial Iris from youtube site now
    the scene where ji soo yeon finds ring in
    I think my keyboard is wet ( from my tears)
    drama fan..why dont make gif from iris ?i very love it.

  2. Wow … very cool blue color and the model’s hair.
    I felt the tip of his last picture is too expensive! Wow
    Um … but I very much enjoy of his hair model in thank you drama
    thanks drama fan for this pics

  3. I know! blue suits him nicely! And I love his messy hair these days 🙂 He is working so hard! doing this and that! I don’t know if this is common in korean celebrities, but I certainly never followed anyone so active lol! I think I’ll have withdrawals when he takes a vacation. I love his dark expressive eyes on the third photo 🙂

  4. These are great! Blue is definitely a good color on him. Love the shade. And liking his new haircut. It’s very youthful without being boyish.

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