Section TV – The Flu VIP Premiere – Video and photos

In this video from Section TV, we can see some of the stars that attended the VIP Premiere of The Flu , besides the main cast, and some other interesting things.  Read below the video for more details.

  • I spotted Dragon Brothers Cha Tae-Hyun and Kim Jong-Kook.  Jang Hyuk’s “Real Man” teammates, Kim Sooro, Sam Hammington and Son Jin Young.
  • Handsome Jang Woo Sung  was there too. He is so tall! When I heard him speak, sofly almost whispering, I remembered Jang Hyuk’s impression of him on the Knee Drop Guru show teehee! From what I hear, it seems accurate.
  • I think I saw as Lee Soo-Hyuk as well (the tall skinny actor/model who played Yoon Pyung on The Tree With Deep Roots) but I’m not 100% sure.
  • During the meet and greet, Jang Hyuk received flowers from his teammates and he danced the “point dance” on stage 😀
  • The epic fail in wrestling scene was repeated for the nth time lol!
  • The MC  mentioned “Girl groups” to Jang Hyuk, and military men reactions to them. Jang Hyuk said they are like “vitamins” and almost a “religion” 😀
  • The actors were asked to “spread happy viruses among each other”. The MC gave Hyuk “Girl group virus”, Hyukie gave “Idol virus” to Soo Ae. Yu Hae-Jin gave “safety virus” to Jang Hyuk because he tends to get injured and they all agreed he needs to take better care of himself

5 responses to “Section TV – The Flu VIP Premiere – Video and photos

  1. Oh when did JangHyuk get injured? I love my heroes injured so pls gimme details!! Haha

  2. ■The epic fail in wrestling scene was repeated for the nth time lol!

    Oh they do not want to finish it?
    aww … poor Hyok
    But..ha ha very funny.

  3. Ommo…
    hyukie injured?????Nooooo
    What happened???????Drama fan please say me…:((((((((

    • Hi Cathy, they are referring to an injury Jang Hyuk had last year. He broke his arm while filming a travel show. He had an accident riding a horse. As you can see, it didn’t have tragic consequences but he had to wear a cast and he filmed scenes of The Flu with a broken arm. I think they are referring to that, but also maybe to other injuries he has had. Any action actor has accidents, but Jang Hyuk is a bit too daring for our taste 😉 I second those who wish him to take better care of his precious body 😀

      • Oh Lord
        Erm .. I am very worried about him.really really really
        Filmed with a broken arm? While dancing in the middle of the program, tehee..he is cool!veryyyyyyyyyyyy much!
        i agree you 100% .. he is too bold..
        i fear that he get more injure

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