Soo Ae says Jang Hyuk is the best partner

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Actress Soo Ae says Jang Hyuk is the best partner she has worked with.

Soo Ae, who acted an infection specialist InHae in a movie The Flu, revealed her satisfaction with the collaboration with partner Jang Hyuk (who acted JiGoo).

In the beginning of the movie, JiGoo saves InHae in danger, starting their cute romance. After, they together fight against deadly virus spreading quickly. SooAe said “Filming ‘The Flu’, I exceptionally felt that we were doing it ‘together'”, describing how all the cast and crew worked in exact same mind.


She elaborated on Jang Hyuk, saying “He is amazing as an actor, but is even more as a person. There were some hard times for me. If he approached me as a fellow actor at those times, then I would’ve had to be formal with him as well, but he approached me as a nice ‘oppa’, so I felt comfortable around him. We tell each other, ‘We should meet again in a romantic comedy.’ I really want to try acting with him again.”

She continued, “When I first met him, I told him to talk informal to me. He said ‘I can’t do that easily.’ But the second time we met, he did talk informally. That was much more comfortable. We had a nice team work, being comfortable with each other. Us three, including Yoo HaeJin oppa, had amazing team work. After filming, we sat under a parasol, turned on some musics, and drank beer until sunrise and talked a lot. It’s an unforgettable memory.”


When some ‘strong’ actors get together, sometimes they try to win over each other and make the atmosphere awkward and uncomfortable. But Soo Ae, Jang Hyuk and Yoo HaeJin got closer to each other. Soo Ae couldn’t hold back laugher as she told how Jang Hyuk calls her ‘Soo Ja’ and Yoo Haejin calls her ‘Ae Ja’.

Soo Ae commented “Who you film with is just that important, I realized. We can feel all sorts of things during filming. Someone could’ve heard good comments, or someone could’ve been frustrated not being able to act well that day. But I can’t really forget that beer we drank till sunrise, letting go everything happened at the filming site. Even now, whenever I call Jang Hyuk on phone, he simply receives ‘Wassup Soo Ja~’ without formal greetings.” She seemed to have gone back to her times under a parasol as she reminisced.


Soo Ae, who stated she wants to do romantic comedy in the future, chose Jang Hyuk as the partner she wants to work with in romantic comedy. “I want to act romantic comedy with Jang Hyuk. He has uniqueness in his seriousness, and is a very positive person. And it couldn’t be better if Yoo Haejin oppa can join that romantic comedy.”


<The Flu> is a movie depicting struggle of people who are locked in a city with deadly virus spreading, and will be released on the 14th.

7 responses to “Soo Ae says Jang Hyuk is the best partner

  1. I love these two, I want them to work together again. Drama God please make it happens. it’s been 3 years already

  2. YES, Soo Ja! Romantic comedy is what we’re all longing for 😀

  3. um…Gumi..thanks for this post

  4. I would love to see that romantic comedy too. She’s a great actress. A beer until sunrise sounds wonderful! Even more so chatting with Jang Hyuk. 😀

  5. Hi Dramafan
    Today really did appreciate the excellent posts.
    and Thank you for translating Gumi.thank you for this post

  6. I love Soo Ja! She is greedy though! She wants both men lol

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