Jang Hyuk on Knee Drop Guru- Best moments

Jang Hyuk was the main guest on episode 35 of the variety show Knee Drop Guru. The show was full of fun moments and interesting new info about our favorite actor 🙂

Here are the videos and below we describe some of the best moments (thanks to Gumi).

Knee Drop Guru ep 35 part 1 by rhdtk07

Knee Drop Guru ep 35 part 2 by rhdtk07

  • At the beginning of the show, host Kang Ho Don carried Jang Hyuk and he seemed light as a feather 🙂 Hey girls! I think we could kidnap him easily :p
  • The hosts asked him about having a son before marriage, something that is frowned upon in Korea. He answered that it was deliberate. His parents and his agency were not in favor of his sudden marriage at first. He and his wife wanted to get married as soon as possible after he got out of the army and they wanted to have a child soon, because she was already in her mid 30’s and as we all know, the more a woman waits, the more dangerous it can be. So they went on a trip and conceived their first son. Then conceived a child without “consent” or at least with some resistance from his parents. But when their son was born “everything settled on cue” as Jang Hyuk says. His parents were super excited with the baby, pushing each other, fighting over, who the baby looks like 😉 After his first son Jae Heon was born, he finished his drama Robbers and married his wife. So Jang Hyuk says that having a son before marriage was not a mistake but it was the perfect order for him.

  • He also talked about of how he joined the gym where his wife was a jazz/pilates instructor just to get closer to her. He has told this story before, of how he was impressed with her beauty, and joined a class of 40 students, of which 38 were female. He imagined the other guy was there for the same reason that he was, but when they were required to wear tights, the other guy abandoned the class leaving him a free path lol. What we didn’t know is that he couldn’t really get close to his teacher during the class. So he bought food for everyone at the last class hoping the teacher would talk to him to thank him and they could strike a conversation, but no! it didn’t work out either. So, he was filming Please Teach me English at the time and asked the director to include a tap dancing number, so he would have an excuse to look for his teacher and ask her for advice 😀 And thanks to this, he could finally get close to her 😀
  • Jang Hyuk did an impression of actor Jung Woo Sung (Padam, Padam) and told the hosts about the time he met the actor in person for the first time. When Jang Hyuk started acting he was compared with JWS who was already an established actor. They both belong to the same agency (Sidus HQ) and people noticed their physical resemblance, so JH was called “The second Jung Woo Sung” at first. Fortunately Jang Hyuk managed to make a name for himself and left that nickname behind. So, in this show he told the hosts that the first time he saw JWS he noticed the resemblance himself. The MCs sort of smiled blaming him for his pride, since JWS is considered an exceptionally handsome man. Hyuk said “Wel, I’m only saying what I actually felt”.
  • So he saw JWS and thought “This guy looks amazing” (lol, the modesty!) but at the same time he didn’t want to “lose” so he just sat there and stayed silent. He sat there showing his side (the part he thinks resembles JWS the most. JWS also remained silent. )
Jang Hyuk does an impression of  fellow actor Jung Woo Sung

Jang Hyuk does an impression of fellow actor Jung Woo Sung

  • After about 30 minutes, JWS laughed a little and said “You are the younger one, don’t you think you should start talking first”? Jang Hyuk said shyly “Ah yes, annyonghaseyo” and bowed to him. Then the MC pointed out that their voices are similar too. Hyuk started really talking like JWS with a lower voice, almost mumbling and whispering. The MC’s were amused. He then recited a famous line from the movie “Beat” (the movie that made JWS famous and was directed by the same director of The Flu). The line was “I..had no dream”. The MCs laughed and commented “You are good, you’ve practiced this”! so he spread his arms like if he was in the motorcycle. Jang Hyuk admitted that he had watched Beat many times, and still did not dare to talk to JWS that first time. Also, JWS and Jang Hyuk remaing friends to this day. I say they should play brothers in a drama! The screens would explode with so much handsomeness.


  • In this show they talked about the “Kinsey reports” which apparently Jang Hyuk consulted in an episode of Real Man/Real Men. The Kinsey Books contain studies on human sexual behavior. Naughty Hyukie! :p
  • The hosts asked him, “So, you are so good looking and you know so much about women after reading the Kinsey report, so how many women have you dashed on? He said he hasn’t dashed on that many women. The hosts insisted , Didn’t you love all the actresses? Jang Hyuk replied “Wow! this show is trying to blow up a family” lol
  • He performed a full verse of “Hey Girl” from his TJ Project album, with the “crawl dance” included :D. The hosts were his accompanying dancers lol!
  • He said that actress Jun Ji Hyun (My Sassy Girl, Windstruck) caused him to break up a relationship with a girl he dated once, because she tattled on them. You can read the full story here.
  • Hyungsik, popular idol and Jang Hyuk’s teammate on Real Man, made a special appearance to reveal some things about Hyuk. First, he confirmed what we already know very well. Hyuk loves to talk and give advice 🙂 Hyungsik compared him to a “Buddah’s priest” and he said, “Frankly, it can be boring” lol. As usual, Hyuk laughed! Hyungsik also revealed that Jang Hyuk takes very good care of his skin with different products. Well, that explains his great complexion! He better keeps taking care of his beautiful face 😉 We love it!

16 responses to “Jang Hyuk on Knee Drop Guru- Best moments

  1. Hi, cant watch the video as the contents have been removed. Thanks for translation and transcript, it helps us understand abt Hyukssi more. There is quite a lot of information we already know but i learnt from this that Hyukssi always keep his family in mind – smart man.

  2. ok.. lo links para ver esta entrevista ya han mueto…….. otra sugerencia? o itio donde pueda ver? seria genial ojala subtitulado aun si es en ingles.. por faaaaaaaaaa

  3. I heard the story about how he met his wife. But didn’t know he asked to have the tap number added to please teach me English to have an excuse to talk to her. I did find it random that their talent was tap dancing lol. Too funny.

  4. mery christ mas my friend:)

  5. um..where you go now?I thought you are here now!

  6. oh…yes..I asked for this..! Heh

  7. Wow, this time he was very mischievously and playful
    Wow Interviews Interesting!
    Bang a family? Wow pretty serious little was left to explode!
    Why i always see jang hyuk i feel that he is shy and so innocent while he is not ? Figure is a shy innocent .is not he?

  8. I do not know why people are curious about all thing?
    questions different about her marriage .. I saw in other sites comments some fool about Jang Hyok that he is a bad man because before marriage and having children
    i became angry to read that comments..Aishhhhhhhhh i hate from that fools
    Well … Now come and read this content. Lives with his wife when a man love these things do not matter anymore.
    But .. I’m .. jealous to his wife he loves his wife. Correct? Drama fan, thank you very much
    who is the man that almost like jang hyuk?

    • Cathy, Gumi told me some more info about how he met JWS so Ill be updating this later. It is fun information. JWS is a korean actor who is a little older than Jang Hyuk. He is the protagonist of the series Padam Padam.

      • Wow
        My seller Korean movie Athena once he sent me the wrong!he Thought if this guy is jang hyuk!when i was very angry he said:oh?jang hyuk does not play in athena?so ..who is that man in that drama?and i was more angry than before..ooff

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