The Flu Premiere: Twitter Reviews Compilation


Adding picture because posts without images feel lonely…Gumi! And so our friends can read and drool like a “normal” fangirl

So today, <The Flu> premiere took place, and here’s the compilation of twitter reviews. It is unbiased collection, contains both harsh criticisms and praises. Except for the first comment by Darcy Paquet, which was originally written in English, the comments were translated from Korean to English by myself.

Darcy Paquet @darcypaquet

What to say about THE FLU 감기? It’s entertaining, but pretty lurid. Far more panicked and hysterical than CONTAGION. Way over the top.

Once again, the organizing principle is not, “What would happen in this situation?” but “How can we make this as sensational as possible?”

Soo Ae is very likeable, especially once the epidemic starts and she has something todo besides banter with Jang Hyuk. He’s not bad either.

The little girl played by Park Minha is also good. But the portrayal of minor characters and groups is awkward and sometimes quite insensitive.


<The Flu> Very Korean disaster movie. Some depictions were very horrifying. But the romance part was meh. Well, <The Flu> is at least creating a more terrifying world than <Yeongashi (Deranged)>. Disaster manual is more horrifying than disaster itself.

djuna @djuna01

I watched <The Flu>. The story is basically that an illegal immigrant who came to Korea in a container box carries mutated virus with him, and Bundang is getting completely destroyed by it. The president is acted by Cha InPyo. The problem of emergency operation rights is dealt heavily in the latter half.

Depiction of mass psychology is pretty good, and the terror and suspense in the latter half also is depicted in high quality. But individual characters are either boring or bad. The romantic comedy part in the beginning is awful.

The writers seem to not know what to do with ‘women’ or ‘children’. Soo Ae’s character is inconsistent.

Regardless, Soo Ae is a very pretty actress. And rare. There are few actresses in Korea who looks both healthy and beautiful.

Anyways, the movie is approaching all sorts of issues in all sorts of perspective, so it’s not easy to define it in certain way. I’m not sure to what extent it was intended. Overall, it’s a movie with the horror customized to Bundang people.

Gyiem @Gyiem

The movie <The Flu> has interesting setting. Virus spread by illegal immigrant in a bourgeoisie town. It subconsciously shows Korean society’s prejudice, hypocrisy and fear.

kim hojin @hojini_tory

The Flu! The best entertainment movie in 2013! Whatever they say, the movie is actually entertaining, that I can say! and Soo Ae is pretty ^^;;

기타노 @cinexpress

I don’t feel the need to further comment. <Deranged> script should be nominated for Academy Award, and <Emergency 19> needs to be seriously re-evaluated. <The Flu> is a shocking movie.

Well, this can be misinterpreted, so let me elaborate. <The Flu> is not too terrible in terms of its cinematic quality or logic. I’d say it’s actually pretty well-made on its surface.

But as you watch <The Flu>, you’ll find yourself being totally lost amidst its loose characters and logic. It’s either a subtle political satire or a simple comedy.

Hai Pyoung.Hwang @oraipop

Finished watching <The Flu>. It’s definitely a movie to continue the lineage of Korean disaster movies. Actors Jang Hyuk and Soo Ae’s acting has gotten deeper~^^

슈가보이 @ssseo91

As impressive as the realistic fear in <The Flu> was the characters in the movie~ Jang Hyuk, Soo Ae and other actors have all worked together to successfully create real characters. It’s a blockbuster, but actors shined more.


Movie <The Flu>. I didn’t expect much seeing the synopsis and character setting, and yes it turned out I was right. Let’s stop with this Korean disaster movie thing. I’d actually say <The Flu> is not even good enough to finish that lineage. It’s trying to say too many things, and the mise-en-scene is too old.

이정현 @Hyperseiji

<The Flu>. It’s old, but it’s powerful. The child actor saves Soo Ae and Jang Hyuk, wow.

<The Flu> has many weaknesses, but it has a good power that pushes what it’s trying to convey. That’s what I meant by saying the movie is ‘old’.

안미영 @kinoahn

<The Flu> depicts the chaos really well. It’s powerful, and it engages audience. But it wasted running time in the beginning, constructing a very inconsistent and not-so-adorable female character. Soo Ae’s theatrical and unnatural lines were hard to listen to.  The romance should’ve been kept out of the movie.

키티 @ppuster

I just watched <The Flu> and Jang Hyuk is amazing!! He’s more charismatic and attractive in the movie than in “Real Man”! He acts rescue worker more as a person rather than a hero, and he was very attractive.

옥선희 Sunny OK @Eastok77

<The Flu> directed by Kim Sung Soo. It’s a well made disaster movie, and it’s also one of the best innuendos of Gwangju incident. Movies about what happened in Gwangju so far were not very satisfactory, although they directly talked about it, so I am very glad <The Flu> was made.

가을소년 @otakoo2012

Previous disaster movies focused on big scale, but The Flu shows realistic infection fear. What if those around you can easily get you infected? It’s a scary assumption, and that’s how it gets more real.

정시우 @siwoorainy

<The Flu>. The director must have been too impressed with Les Miserable. He found reference in the wrong place. I doubt that no one pointed out the logical problems in the movie…if this is what they came up with in the end, it’s kind of disappointing.

최민지 Choe Min-ji @MJ0423

The Flu is led by interesting combination. There are some needless parts, but overall the movie is very engaging. Yoo Haejin is very funny. The movie makes you question “What if”, and it is pretty scary. I thought for a sec if Park Minha was the lead role. There’s extra video clip at the end.

SangjoonTAE @birdcage000

In ‘The Flu’ opening scenes, I realized Kim Sungsoo was the director of that stylish movie ‘Run Away’. About the movie, let’s say the producer and the director were too ambitious. They start all sorts of things, and are not too great in closing them.

Sunmin Kim @EditorSM

Director Kim Sungsoo’s <The Flu>. The scenario, based on coincidences, is shallow and old, the plot structure is loose and not so smooth, characters are typical and two dimensional. and unrealistic patriotism is added to make it harder for me to immerse. The attempt to convey too many messages has ruined the movie.

징구 @intel20

The Flu…at least it’s more entertaining than Yeongashi (Deranged). There’s a short video clip after about 2 minutes of ending credit.


After seeing these reviews, my overall impression is that <The Flu> is not a super well-made masterpiece, but at least it’s not boring. It lacks some logic to its plot, and the story is not so original, but it has some scenes that are very well filmed and it has succeeded in engaging audience in. I’m pretty content with the reviews. I didn’t need The Flu to be a masterpiece, I just needed it not to be a trash, and based on these twitter reviews the movie is decent enough to have mixed opinions about it. I’ll look forward to watching it myself and making my own decision on it!


6 responses to “The Flu Premiere: Twitter Reviews Compilation

  1. Thank you Gumi for collecting and translating all these reviews. It’s good to know both positive and negative reviews and it’s also quite normal. The Flu seems not to be an epic movie but at least there are a lot of people who’re loving it.
    Hope it would keep running as long as possible so that I could have the chance to watch it by myself in early Sept when i go to Seoul.

  2. thanks Gumi..this post is very good!
    um…i love this Review

    키티 @ppuster

    I just watched and Jang Hyuk is amazing!! He’s more charismatic and attractive in the movie than in “Real Man”! He acts rescue worker more as a person rather than a hero, and he was very attractive.

    ha is very realy!hiiiiiiiiiii that is unfair!The Flu is good..i love it…:(.
    because when i saw it..i fear from the scenes of the flu!
    I have experienced this Review
    ​​when Hollywood movie Dark Shadows was made it was horrible reviews., But I loved it!(Dark Shadows of Tim Burtoon)
    No doubt this film is not like that? Oh I do not know … I just know that jang hyuk is in that movie and love it..! Hahaha

  3. I’ve seen some more positive reviews after I posted this. A blogger said s/he was very satisfied with the movie, that The Flu follows the structure of other disaster movies, so there might not be something entirely new, but the details of the movie makes it not typical. It’s definitely not forcing people to tear up as some other Korean disaster films do. It has very nice flow of perspective from individual to mass.

  4. Thanks Gumi for the critics translations. There are mixed reviews. I’m not a big fan of disaster movies but definitely want to see it because of Hyuk.

  5. Thanks for posting and translating all these reviews. I just want to be able to see Jang Hyuk on the big screen! It’s a Korean disaster film, I expect over-baked emotions and drama, bits of comedy, and a little romance. In fact, I think even American disaster films are a bit the same. They all lack logic at some point. But they are engaging. ‘The Day after tomorrow’ is terrifying, but one of my favorites. I recently watched the K-disaster flick Haeundae (Tidal Wave), it was good character wise and the effects scary!!, But then they wasted a ridiculous over-10 minute scene with a loathsome minor character on the bridge.
    It was so fake, as giant steel crates are dropping down from a massive freighter and he’s running and dodging them while people and cars get crushed. Then the guy drops a lighted cigarette in dripping gasoline and causes more destruction and still makes it out alive. I hope there’s no scene like that.

    But a flu virus is a very different kind of disaster. I expect it to revolve more around the characters and relationships and sick people going crazy trying to get medicine and storming the pharmacies, hospitals, etc. for help, in their desperation they hurting others. Is Jang Hyuk’s character a fireman? Then I can see the firemen being asked to START fires to burn the diseased bodies and stop the spread of the virus and other diseases.

    I guess we’ll all see and form our own opinions. I think for the most part these reviews are positive. That’s good!

  6. Interesting mixed reviews. I have the feeling I will enjoy this 🙂

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