Jang Hyuk’s Book event : Hot Blooded Man

So I woke up to this 🙂 The event where Jang Hyuk presented his new book took place and he looked like this:

Initially I got confused with the title of the book but hyuk fan cleared it up and I quote her:

“Hi Drama Fan, the literal translation of “열혈남아”, the title of his book, is Hot Blooded Man. Hyuk says he borrowed the title from a Hong Kong movie that he liked when he was younger. “As Tears Go By” was an English title of the same movie. “열혈남아” has connotations of someone who is passionate about something. Think of it as, so passionate that your “blood is hot’,”

“I was a child during the Hong Kong film Tears, very impressed with the work I saw,” he said, “Also, my favorite word is passion. Keep the fire burning passion and the will to want to go I want to contain in the book ‘Tears’ summed it, “said Jang Hyuk.

Hyuk fan also suggests that “Passionate man” could be a good interpretation of the title.

Hyuk fan and Gumi translated some of what was said during the interview

Jang Hyuk spoke about his “fail” in a recent episode of Real Man when he was defeated in a wrestling match after only a minute.

Jang Hyuk: It was between two masters
MC: Two masters? No, it wasn’t
Jang Hyuk: Oh yes it was, he was really
MC: Well, yes he is, but not two masters
Jang Hyuk: There were 138 offenses and defenses
MC: You said 140 before
Jang Hyuk: 138 on the ground and two on the air so that makes 140 😀 Stop talking about this, do your job, continue with the questions.
MC: This is my job. This is bringing us somewhere.
Jang Hyuk turns around as asks “Hey, who brought him as an MC?”
MC: You personally called me remember?
There is a video skip
Jang Hyuk: Ok, yes, I lost, so what? I lost but I will win someday (and this part got cut off from my message aghh, but I think this is when he mentioned he was traumatized by his defeat)
MC: Well then, I hope you become a great writer who wins in wrestling
Jang Hyuk: I will, and I will write a book in wrestling when that day comes

A couple of facts

  • He wrote his book of autobiographical essays over the course of a year
  • I also read the book contains stories that he never made public before. Ohhhhh we want to know!!!!!

Special thanks to Zoi at the Just…Jang Hyuk blog, who is always on top of the news and collected all of these photos from different media sources.


14 responses to “Jang Hyuk’s Book event : Hot Blooded Man

  1. Where Can I buy a copy of this book? Does it have English or Chinese translation? Please Let me know

  2. Is the book globally published?
    Or…is the book has english version?
    Please let me know if i can buy it online
    Thanks in advance

  3. oh… I was actually quite shocked because I did not expect it!! But now that I saw it..it is not longer shocking..
    Oh, but I still have not see much of him movies, and may exist in all a shocking episode!i will kill myself!
    yes this scene is great..but when i saw it..i cried.realy i cried!becuase i did n’t had see like this scene until on time!if i see that scene of hyuk oppa i kill my self!!!(do not attention the last sentence )
    thank youuuuuuuuuuu

  4. I was thinking a better translation of the title of his book would be “Passionate Man”, not “Hot Blooded Man.” 🙂

    • Thank you sooo much for translating part of the video 🙂 It is so Hyuk to not accept defeat 😀 I bet he will practice wrestling until he wins. I suppose those 140 moves lasted half a second each? lol otherwise how did they add up to 1 minute 😉 He is so funny!

  5. He is very cute in video clip as he explain his defeat in Real Men. He jokingly says he has been traumatized. lol. It was totally unexpected to see him lose like that. It may have been embarrassing for Hyuk but we all love him because of it!

    • Awww he explained it in this video? forever hyuk, Im curious, are you korean or is it a second language for you? I really need to learn this language and I keep saying it as if just saying it will do a miracle lol! I really need to do something about it :p

      • Drama Fan, JH is very humorous here. Hyuk says that you can’t tell from watching the show but there were 140 offensive and defensive moves going on back and forth between him and the opponent. He keeps emphasizing “140”. The MC asks JH if those 140 moves were edited out but JH says no, they weren’t. (you can hear people laughing in the background.) JH says he put his arm over him to pull him… (you know what happened next.) It was just ONE move that brought him to his defeat. JH refers to himself and the opponent as “masters” at Korean Wrestling and the MC says,”the opponent is”. JH insists that he is also a “master”. lol Hyuk says he will win a wrestling match one day. 🙂

        Yes, as you may have guessed, I’m Korean. English is my second language but I moved to the States when I was 12 so I’m kind of bilingual. My Korean vocab isn’t all that great but I get the gist of things and can understand most of the dialogues in Korean drama. What I have problem understanding is Sageuk.

        I’m sure if you watch enough of these dramas, your Korean will improve. :p

  6. Hi Drama Fan, the literal translation of “열혈남아”, the title of his book, is Hot Blooded Man. Hyuk says he borrowed the title from a Hong Kong movie that he liked when he was younger. “As Tears Go By” was an English title of the same movie. “열혈남아” has connotations of someone who is passionate about something. Think of it as, so passionate that your “blood is hot”. What I love about JH and respect him for is that he is so passionate about acting. His passion and love for acting hasn’t changed over the last 17 years.

    I can’t wait to read his book!

    • Thank youuuuu forever hyuk! I will edit the post now! Google translates his book title as “tears” and at least one blogger had it like that too :p Thank you for helping me clarify this 🙂

  7. OMG
    drama fan!i saw a scene in this movie(Jungle Juice)i very fear from this scene!you see it?hyuk ssi dose a..sexy scene!i didn’t belive that he is jang hyuk realy!beacuse he is very shy

    • Hi Cathy, that movie is raunchy and juvenile, I laughed a lot though! Yeah, that moment you are referring to, was hilarious, but traumatizing too (for me). I promise I will never “gif” it 😀

  8. Oh really sorry I was not aware drama fan .. I apologize I used your real name

    Had you to pay attention to hyuk oppa’s lips? Oh Lord
    Nice and cute little lips .. triangular shape and Honey (word for honey,for show more beautiful his lips ..LOL)

  9. noooooooooooooooo
    Tears jang hyuk? Wow Wow’s book is hot!
    Oh yes .. really Zoi’s blog is amazing!i enjoy from her blog(she is girl?or boy?)
    Of course, your blog is great
    I love your blog.
    Mary, you are so muddy thank you for pics and post

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