Some change in The Flu release

1. <The Flu>’s release date has been finalized as August 14th.

It’s been going back and forth. They said August 14th, and then they said August 15th (that’s what they said in showcase, and they distributed stuffs with August 15 printed on it, and posters said August 15) but then today it has been finalized as August 14th.

2. <The Flu>’s distributor changed from “CJ E&M” to “I LOVE CINEMA”

According to news articles released today, this decision was made because CJ E&M is also a distributor of Snowpiercer, which was released two weeks before The Flu, and is becoming a big hit right now. The production company I LOVE CINEMA worried that CJ won’t be able to distribute The Flu well enough because of Snowpiercer, which seems like it’s still gonna be hot when The Flu gets released, so I LOVE CINEMA asked to become the distributor.

Well, this is what the news articles said, and let me say what I think. It’s a totally unofficial opinion.

This is strange.

I don’t think there ever has been a movie that changed its distributor ten days before its release date. And all the posters that have already been printed says CJ E&M is its distributor. That’s what they said in all the press conference, too. It’d be costly to switch distributor so suddenly at the last moment.

Plus, CJ E&M is the biggest and the most powerful distributor in Korea. It owns movie theaters, too, so it’s much easier to get screens. So in every way, I don’t think this change would work in favor of The Flu.

I guess Snowpiercer’s success was beyond previous expectation. CJ E&M thought it’d be okay to release Snowpiercer and The Flu two weeks apart, but now that Snowpiercer turned out to be popular, it wants to concentrate on Snowpiercer. And I LOVE CINEMA is aware of that fact, and is worried that CJ E&M won’t be as active in distributing The Flu, and thus wanted to take over.

Another possible explanation is that CJ E&M is trying to avoid being blamed for screen monopoly. As the largest distributor, it has constantly been blamed for taking up all the screens and ruining the fair game for the movie industry. But then…why try to avoid the blame suddenly at this point? Only ten days before the release date?

Whatever the reason is, I’m not liking the rushed changes. Come on people, show some commitment and consistency. Well, whatever, I just hope The Flu turn out to be good.


6 responses to “Some change in The Flu release

  1. The trailers are very vague, and American style with loud pulsing music, and black, quick fad-ins. I’ve noticed all the action movie trailers are like that now. It’s headache inducing. I’m curious what the Flu is rated too. I like your optimism. It makes sense. There’s always one movie that breaks through and then people start getting more interested. Perhaps we can finally get Jang Hyuk out to Hollywood!

  2. This doesn’t make me happy either, because I agree that sudden changes at the last minute rarely mean “good news”. I wonder though, if the success of Snowpiercer, while jeopardizing the original distribution plans for The Flu, might actually bring a positive outcome in overseas distribution. Maybe this is a naive assumption on my part and a definite attempt to be optimistic, but I wonder if the attention that Snowpiercer is getting might actually bring more attention to the korean film industry and therefore to its actors 😉 Our favorite actors including Jang Hyuk might actually benefit from this. Specially since we know he is so talented, somebody is bound to discover him already (in Hollywood I mean), Ahhh, I like to dream 🙂

    Regarding The Flu specifically, yeah, bummer! CJ is disappointing already! but then again, my expectations for this movie are still moderate. I can’t tell from the trailers if this movie has good dialogues or characters. I have no idea if I’ll find it to be “good”, and that is what has me anxious right now! I am wondering more about the reviews than about its popularity. And I don’t necessarily mean critics reviews, but the reviews from casual viewers, because, like we spoke about before, this is not the kind of movie that critics prefer. It is supposed to be commercial, a “blockbuster”. And this is where this sudden change in distributors, seems fishy and unsettling 😐 ugh!

    Hopefully The Flu will overcome all of its initial obstacles 🙂

  3. This has also been a big shock to all the fans in Baidu Tieba. I’m curious whether CJ invested in The Flu or just as a distributor of this movie? If CJ is also an investor to The Flu, it will also against their benefit if draws back. I’m not quite familiar with the investment and distribution in Korea. But in any case, it will do no good to the movie itself with this change at this point.

  4. Oh really?
    Oh, if the month of oct or sept NY and America is playing the movie when it wants Iran to be distributed?
    Until then, if my country to boycotts means South Korea then I will die without seeing the flu and oppa’s videos!
    Oh no. Then spread the butter is ready for download on the Internet, right? Then I can download it?
    oomo oomo oomo
    thank you Gumi.

  5. Is this a world wide release? Or just in Korea? I really want to see The Flu in New York. Maybe it will make it’s way here in Sept. or Oct. Snowpiercer hasn’t made it to the U.S yet. I’m not surprised it’s getting all the attention since it boasts a multi-national cast with famous American actors too.

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