Real Man Ep 16 – Jang Hyuk’s EPIC fail – Video, photos and gifs

There is nothing sexier than a confident man right? But at the same time, is there something funnier than a super confident man, suddenly tasting the flavor of “defeat”? That is exactly what happened to Jang Hyuk on episode 16 of The Real Man (Real Men). Are we bad fans for laughing? I hope not 😀

Ah, and there was also more celebrating and dancing during this episode.

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jh_rm_saludo jh_rm_showingoff jh_rm_epicfail jh_rm_epicfail2 jh_rm_epicfail3 jh_rm_afterfail jh_rm_hyungshikfalls jh_rm_race jh_rm_dancenew

3 responses to “Real Man Ep 16 – Jang Hyuk’s EPIC fail – Video, photos and gifs

  1. drama fan(cry cry cry)thanks
    (cry cry cry)
    i am cryinggggggggg
    haha Joking

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    did he hurt?avyyyyyyyyyyyy
    is not his waist painful?
    ahhhhh, I have pain in my waist,for him
    Why did he let that fall easily?
    oh, He had became really skinny and weak
    he weight loss too. so he Was fall so easily!
    but this scene remind me dolbok!he in this scene was like dolbok
    is not he?

  3. LOL! I always say you can’t call yourself a real fan if you don’t know how to laugh at and even poke fun of the object of your affection. Some people get too serious with their fanships and put them on pedestals and act like they do no wrong or have failures. But really those fans set themselves up for disappointment when they find one day they find out that hey, this guy (or gal) is actually a human being! It’s like a teenager mentality, they look up to someone and the moment that person has a moment of weakness or makes a mistake, the teen’s world crumbles and he can’t trust anyone anymore.

    LOL. Now I’m being all serious. I guess because in my years online and having my own websites and all I’ve seen all spectrums of fans.

    In your slideshow it was interesting to see American, or rather, white guys in the crowd and even sitting in front!

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