Hillarious Shin Ramyun Black commercial with Jang Hyuk and Yoon Sang Hyun – Videos and photos

This is too funny! and since there are two versions (that I’ve seen so far) I decided they deserve their own post 😉

Here, Jang Hyuk and Yoon Sang Hyun seem to be so happy about the black ramen that they are singing to it 😀

And in this one, he has a Ddolbock hat by his side and he is yelling Damaaaahhhhh (The original scene was heartbreaking, this commercial might just’ve ruined that moment forever though lol!)






More info on http://blog.nongshim.com/m/post/view/id/1162

12 responses to “Hillarious Shin Ramyun Black commercial with Jang Hyuk and Yoon Sang Hyun – Videos and photos

  1. They are funny. DF, your two men 🙂

  2. Hi Nelly! first of all, you know I’m a fan of yours and kiddo, so just imagining what you are describing, makes go awwwwww and lol! You know I’ll be there to support you whenever you make yourself go through another sageuk lol! I think I just updated my reader :p I hope whatever I did, worked teehee! I know you’ll keep coming to this post until kiddo gets tired of it so welcome, make yourselves at home. Would you like something to drink, some snacks? Stay as long as you please.

  3. Hello, hello! So this is what happened last night… I showed to my son both CFs and he giggled and he kept on asking me to play it again and again. He love the sound of slurps from JH oppa and he tried to imitate it himself. He also tried to sing to the song! How cute was that?

    And then the second CF, oh lordy I told you I rewatch the last episode so we both can say Damm-ah? Well, we did just that with this CF and as expected he said “play it again” and screamed Dam-ah with JH oppa over and over again! He had tons of fun screaming that he choked himself too many times!

    Btw, thanks for being such a good sport and “watch” Deep Roots with me! Saranghae, chingu-ah! And also, I updated my blog url to mymyooz.wordpress.com. Update your reader ^^

  4. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, was I miss you guys.
    My computer corrupted and I could not go
    how are you in this day?

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  6. Really adorable, but boy he’s so hot slurping those noodles. lol Oh yeah, that scene was really sad in the drama. It’s cute that he can poke fun at his role though.

    • I loved exactly that point, too! I love that he can poke fun at his role. I was actually upset before at some people making fun of his desperate ‘damaaaa’, but seeing him parodying himself is just too funny and adorable.

      • I have to admit sometimes K-dramas and K-movies are really over baked with wild emotions and too many twists and misunderstandings that in real life can be easily resolved. But, I never felt that way about Jang Hyuk’s acting. He mesmerizes me. You can feel the pain he portrays right down to the core.

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