Jang Hyuk is busy! New show, new TV Ad, possible new movie AND a book


Seriously! Gumi and I can’t keep up with him! Between Real Man , photoshoots, interviews, appearances on TV, commercials, he is making us work work work! But that actually makes us happy 🙂

Update to add: He also wrote a book! 😀

TV Spot: Jang Hyuk filmed a TV Commercial for Shin Ramyun Black along with Yoon Sang Hyun (see this post). The concept of the commercial this time is “Shin Ramyun, Whenever and Wherever.” and it started running in Korea today.

This is not the first time that Jang Hyuk represents this brand

Here is an Ad he did before. Yummy!

Just as a side note, a previous Shin Ramyun campaign featured international superstar Psy. Also, I read that Hyungshik and Ryu Soo-Young from Real Man have done another Ramuyn Campaign. Our Real Men are popular these days!

Comedy Show: Another news that started circulating is that Hyuk will participate in the Variety/Comedy show SNL Korea, next month. This show is based on the iconic american television show Saturday Night Live. I suppose he will be the host for one show, assuming they follow the american concept.

I must admit that ,at first, this idea sounded fantastic to me. It is something I had fantasized about when I learned SNL Korea existed. But Gumi warns against high expectations since this cable show from Tvn channel, has decreased in quality in recent times. I figured it had to be cable, since this concept is very “adult” and controversial, a bit raunchy, not compatible with Korean network TV.

Here is hoping that the show is funny at least during Jang Hyuks episode 😉

Possible movie: Jang Hyuk is considering the lead role in a “romantic thriller”? called Strawberry Milk. It is the story of a student who falls in love with her gym teacher. You guessed it! Hyuk would play the teacher

All is good except this movie will be directed by Kim Tae-Kyun who worked with Jang Hyuk on Volcano High. I am not a fan of that movie and it seems that his other movies weren’t particularly succesful either with critics or in terms of popularity. So, for the moment I am not loving this idea but there really isn’t much information to judge and I will not worry until Hyuk confirms his participation 😉

Book: And last but not least! This is very exciting! He wrote a book titled Hot Blooded Man which I assume will be sort of autobiographical? OMO OMO OMO! CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS! my best motivation to learn to read korean. The book will be presented in an event in Korea, on August 6. More information on the book here

9 responses to “Jang Hyuk is busy! New show, new TV Ad, possible new movie AND a book

  1. Why exactly is this a big motivation for learning Korean!
    But it is very difficult.!! Maybe .. easy .. oh I do not know … but be sure to read the book.!, If we fail to learn a translator site to translate it for you and me! Most importantly, we Guillaume have! but I really love to learn Korean language … it’s really beauty
    i love scream and say:hyuk oppa sara ng he!!!
    oh me too(this was for comment up!!)

  2. i want same nodel that he ate..i wanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this soup!i want.
    Wow ..he eats very nice.. i am hungry nowwwwwwwwwwww!!

  3. He writes a book?
    Really I scream nowwwww
    I’m dying! Now how do I read it? Well, know neither English nor Korean!
    oh oppa so it’s working! Book, Army, and …. really?new Film? Teacher??
    With this post I died!
    Andeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i cant wait for his new movie!i still can’t see THE FLU!!:(

    • It will be hard for us to understand the book :p but I hope somebody will publish excerpts or something like that. It is also a good motivation for us lo learn korean right? 😉

      • Definitely motivating. Listening to it sounds easy. What ‘scares’ me the most is all the changes in word endings you have to make when talking to this or that person. Informal, formal, etc. etc. But otherwise, the alphabet is pretty easy (somewhat, I’m still practicing) and the words themselves too.

  4. Hmm, he’ll probably be the gym teacher that helps her with the problem. What right-minded young gal wouldn’t want to run to her handsome, Jeet kune do master gym teacher if she needed saving?? 😉

  5. Hi Lady G: I read this new commercial has a less serious concept 😉

    I used to like SNL way back during the Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Adam Sandler, times. That means a loooong time ago lol! Although I did catch the show occasionally, during Tina Fey’s, Will Ferrel’s time too. Yeah, it had its hits and its misses. Apparently the korean version is also heavy on the raunchiness, so we might cringe a little, but we’ll see

    I entertained the idea of that gym teacher being a total perv :p but then, he wouldn’t be part of the romance? I would definitely go for that, more than for a corny sirupy sugary role. I guess we shall see as well 🙂

  6. That commercial was pure poetry. Ramyun never looked so good and delicious! But I couldn’t help but laugh. It reminds me of the American pasta and sauce commercials where everything is all serious and ‘Rome’ style as the classical music plays in the bg.

    I hope to see the one with Yoon Sang Hyun!! Love him! 😀

    I would love to see JH on SNL Korea, there’s an episode that Oh Ji Ho did I want to see also. I stopped watching the American SNL a looong time ago, only skits here and there. It’s really terribly raunchy and tasteless most of the time.

    If the movie is a romantic thriller, i wonder if this is his chance to play a villain?

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