The Flu Showcase – Soo Ae and Jang Hyuk do “Gwiyomi” pose

Here are some pics and videos from the most recent showcase of “The Flu” that took place in Seoul.

Soo Ae and Jang Hyuk make a “gwiyomi” song pose. Hillarious!

9 responses to “The Flu Showcase – Soo Ae and Jang Hyuk do “Gwiyomi” pose

  1. He looks great! I like that actress too.

    • Hi Lady G. I have not seen this actress before but I am very excited about The Flu now 🙂 You seem to have watched many dramas already even though you are new to k-drama. Do you have any that you recommend? Im always looking to add new series to my “To watch” list 🙂

      • I have watched plenty since January when I started. I’ll give you a bunch I loved from all different genres, (I’m going to minus Jang Hyuk dramas): Faith, The Innocent Man (Nice Guy), Cyrano Dating Agency,Ghost, the ongoing-I hear your voice, Last Scandal, City Hunter, The Third Hospital, Take care of the Young lady, Greatest Love, The King of Dramas, Vineyard man, My Girl, Big, Rooftop Prince, All about my romance, Can love become money?, Heading to the Ground, Fermentation (Kimchi) family, A man called God, Crime Squad, If in love like them (4-part drama) Single dad in love, Couple or trouble, My Princess, It’s okay daddy’s girl, Secret Garden, When it’s at night, Powerful Opponents, Oh, my lady, I’m sorry I love you, He who can’t marry…

        WHEW!! I think these will keep you busy for the next year! lol. And that’s not my whole list of everything I’ve seen either. But the ones I really liked most. You can find most of these on Drama Fever or

        • Thank you! I haven’t watched the majority :p I did watch Im sorry I love you and I cried so much. That was a long time ago, along with Coffee Prince (highly recommended) That was my recent fever which started with Queen Seondeok (also recommended) I recently watched City Hunter and liked it 😉

          • No problem, I’m sure I’m missing some from my fav list, but then, those are probably mostly the JH dramas! Midas, Tazza, Chuno, Tree w/deep roots, Thank You, Robbers…I’m not much into Sageuk dramas, but I really want to watch Jumong. That will be a test for me because I’ve never watched dramas more than 24 episodes. But I really love Song Il Guk too. City Hunter was cool. I’m looking forward to Lee Min Ho’s new drama ‘Heirs’, but disappointed he’s playing High School again after such cool adult characters like in Faith and City Hunter. :p A lot of people loved Gu Family book, i couldn’t seem to get into it, except for loving Choi Jin Hyuk, who played the father Gumhio. He was a standout character for every one and stole the show despite his brief role throughout. He will be in Heirs too. So that’s a plus. I tend to like the not so popular dramas, So for example I couldn’t fully get into Boys over flowers, Coffee Prince hasn’t quite appealed to me, though I love Gong Yoo.

            • I love sageuk but the fact that they are so long makes me hesitate before starting them. Im not sure if I like the popular ones either 😉 I just choose based on reviews and friends recommendations and also because of favorite actors. So you liked Tazza! Wasnt it super fun? I didnt get one second of boredom with that one but I have the feeling it is not too popular among JH fans 😉 Ill have fun rewatching and making gifs for that one later.

              • I thought Tazza was really awesome. I personally don’t gamble or condone it, but liked it for what it was. The hard knock lifestyle, watching him perform and learn all the tricks of the trade, the badness surrounding it – all made for a really great morality tale. I liked the soundtrack too. To me it was like the flip side of Midas. They were the upper class. Who knew stocks and bonds and the Wall street like atmosphere can be so thrilling? I never got bored with that either. 🙂

  2. oh Noooooooooooooooooooooo
    Oppa is so cute and shy
    Oh his voice bill my god my goddddd
    Very cute
    What people get really scream!! Really a very shy guy so much
    i love him…love him love himmmmmm
    drama fan!you’re graet..your job is veryyyyyyyyyyy good
    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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