Real (hot) Man Eps 13 and 14 – Favorite moments

Finally, we are caught up with this show 😀

I couldn’t download episode 13 but my absolute favorite moment was  when the soldiers were learning “Dokdo gymnastics” using what Gumi tells me, is a popular choreography /dance created by “Sooro” years ago.  See Jang Hyuk so earnest in his attempt to learn this dance. He is so serious and intense about everything! Gotta love him! and I do love his moves 😀 (Sooro and Ryu also shine in this, Sooro because he has great rhythm and Ryu because of his bright smile)

And here is a recap of ep 14 in photos and gifs

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jh_rm_shirtoff jh_rm_heat jh_rm_bath1 jh_rm_bath2 jh_rm_bath3

8 responses to “Real (hot) Man Eps 13 and 14 – Favorite moments

    • Hi Lady G, thank you for bringing these news. We have not had time to update the blog. I just read that JH is still considering his participation in this. Personally Im not sure about this director. I did not love Volcano High and apparently he has done a few other movies known for being terrible. But we’ll see 🙂

      • I just got excited. lol. But that’s interesting points. It sounds like a High School chick flick. In love with the Gym Teacher, (Who wasn’t? I had a crush on mine! lol) but I’m sure there’s someone age appropriate in school who also loves her. lol. And I did notice they didn’t cast the lead actress yet.

  1. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    You’re a wonderful girl … When I saw your comment i very surprised!!!!
    Wow dolbok was very cute! Especially when he seeks to fulfill a sheepish about showing his strength coming!but he died and i did very cried!!
    Honestly first time i seeing the show thank you i note to little girl AIDS (bom) was the second time I saw it after a few years. Quite shocked from his face and his love to ji min had and i really loved him!
    wow!!!!why you don’t love jung yoo gun in iris2? Course oppa said jung yoo gun is a mental state, and i the change in routine work to do!
    but i just don’t like his play in penthouse!!

  2. Wowwww that was a very long answer Cathy, Sorry 😀 I guess I got inspired with your question 😉

  3. Hi Cathy: I think I’ve come to “love” or admire Jang Hyuk after watching many dramas. First I met him as Ddolbock and I loved that character, and it made me gain a lot of respect for Jang Hyuk as an actor. He impressed me so it was easy for me to try to watch Chuno again (I had tried before, and postponed it because I felt it was a bit too overwhelming the first time I tried to watch). I absolutely fell in love with Daegil after episode 10 and with Jang Hyuk’s performance. Then I watched almost everything else, and I have enjoyed him in everything, even when the movie or series wasn’t perfect, and this is very rare. His roles are always very different so I don’t get tired of him. Jang Hyuk’s “real” persona, is also appealing. I wasn’t aware of it until I met Gumi and she started introducing me to his participation in variety shows and talk shows. He comes off as a bit awkward and serious but also sweet, and I find that very endearing. He seems to have a good reputation among his co-workers and friends as a good person to work with, and in general, just an all around nice guy. The only show where I didn’t like his character was Iris 2. But even then, he did the best he could with a badly written character, so my respect for him as an actor wasn’t affected 🙂 But anyway, my admiration for him is mostly as an actor, although I am not blind and can enjoy his beautiful physical attributes 😉 and also, the fact that he seems to be a nice guy is a bonus.

  4. thank you drama fan for your gif…they’re very great and cute ..they make me so glad..komaooooooooooooo
    oh..i have a question from why do love hyuk…i want to say that you from which of his drama do love him?

  5. Oh my gosh! Wow .. i can not see how he have hard..oh no!his Shower is very hard.. .. the gif eyelids which makes it really like.his tiny and cute face is black and this make him very lovely

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