[COSMOPOLITAN] Jang Hyuk’s Inner Flesh_August 2013

Now, I love that title. Sounds very inappropriate somehow 😛

Here’s making film of Cosmopolitan photoshoot. He indeed lost a lot of weight…becoming a toothpick….but he looks good in this video! Looks lively.


12 responses to “[COSMOPOLITAN] Jang Hyuk’s Inner Flesh_August 2013

  1. hi drama fan..yes!araso!my luck is not bad!!!wordpress is having technical difficulties!!
    awwwwwww!!i didn’t like his hair in iris2..but after a while (just after he was shot)for me he and his hair was most beautiful than all!!

  2. hi my friend..i very tried that i put some comment yesterday..but i can not sent them..i am very bad luck

    • Hi Cathy, I think wordpress is having technical difficulties because I had trouble answering a post yesterday as well. But I see that it is fixed now 🙂

  3. Yes, I love the black and white feel with the jazzy music and his bad-boyish smirk. His hair is longer now and looks really good. I didn’t like his hair-do in IRIS 2. The plush lion is hilarious, it looks like he is on the lion, riding on it like a horse? lol

  4. Snazzy and jazzy! Loved the backbeat and the black and white noir feel. Though the hairdryer and lion were so random. lol! How long is Real Men going to last? He probably feels the fittest he’s ever felt in a long time, but you could tell by his face how thin he’s gotten. But as long as he’s healthy. 🙂

    • Yes, I loved the backbeat, too! And I especially liked his naughty smile as he poured out the water. But hairdryer was random, lol. I heard a rumor that JH is gonna be in RM for only three filmings, so that’s three months. Which means the next filming is gonna be the last. But it has never been officially announced, so we never know. He still seems healthy, so that’s good, but a little more weight will make him look better. I think it might be the heat that’s making him lose weight..if the peak of the summer passes he’ll start gaining weight. But oh wait we still have a lot of summer left..!

      • Ugh I know! It’s a heat wave here in NY, I don’t tend to complain too much because it’s still summer, it’s going to be hot no matter what, but for some reason the Media here always makes a big deal. I guess cuz it’s the sweltering city. And it can be very dangerous out in the heat when it feels like 110! I can imagine how they must feel filming Real Men. 😛

    • I was wondering about the hair dryer (which he seems to be pointing like a gun 😀 always the badass) and the plush lion. If they were going to do something random they could’ve have him pose with a little plush dragon or something :p (do they even make those? they should! awwww) cause he was born in the year of the dragon, he is one of the “Dragon Brothers” etc. But I assume they might have a reason for those props? maybe related to the article in the magazine? or maybe not 😀 We’ll find out soon!

      • I was thinking there might be more to the story with the lion at least! I cracked myself up with the hair dryer, I was waiting for him to do some kind of Saturday night fever thing like John Travolta fixing his hair. That would have been hilarious, but then it would have broke the mysterious mood of the photo shoot.

  5. yes yes Gumi…he He was really very, very thin
    Exactly toothpick!
    But it is really good looking
    Hi drama fan
    hi Gumi..thank you..

  6. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww he is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy handsomeeeeee
    i want jang hyuk

  7. Now this! I like! 😀

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