Allure: Jang Hyuk talks about the characters he would like to play

If a remake of Eyes of Dawn is ever produced, Jang Hyuk wishes to play Choi Dae-Chi

If a remake of Eyes of Dawn is ever produced, Jang Hyuk wishes to play Choi Dae-Chi

Hi friends! I was looking for something else and I stumbled upon this article and thought this would be something cool for us to discuss. It has a couple of more quotes from the Allure Magazine interview that will be released in August.

He talked about his life as an actor: “I find many things enjoyable at work. But when I was young, I was always serious and worked with a militant mindset. I used to like having alone time to think and analyze things, but now I prefer meeting and chatting people. I find it more fun to listen than talking these days”

When asked about the role that he would like to try, Jang chose ‘Choi Dae chi’ from old K-drama ‘Eyes of Dawn.’ He said, “If ‘Eyes of Dawn’ is remade, I’d really like to play ‘Choi Dae chi,’ a man who just lives on with no reason. His time stopped, the world’s clock still ticking so he has to follow like a river. I was more attracted to that character, probably because he has many things in common with my previous character ‘Lee Dae gil’ from ‘The Slave Hunters.’ I’d also like to try a character with a physical disability or a severe villain.”

You can read the complete article here

I find myself fantasizing about roles I would love Jang Hyuk to play!

  • An antisocial but brilliant musician or composer who “learns” to love kind of late in his life and he is terribly awkward about it. He could play the piano and/or guitar in a rom com/drama and this needs to happen soon, so people remember that he is much more than an “action” actor
  • Another Doctor (like in Thank You) but in a medical drama, like House
  • A badass bounty hunter in a post apocalyptic world (it would be Chuno, sci fi style) Abs and action are a must!
  • A King!
  • Twins

And I love his idea of playing a person with a physical disability and a severe villain. Kudos to Jang Hyuk for always looking to expand his horizons as an actor. Do you guys have any ideas? Share them here! This could be fun!

12 responses to “Allure: Jang Hyuk talks about the characters he would like to play

  1. I havent see him in a character of mental phycho….or a super hero….but he is totaly amaxing actor…love his acting skil

  2. I loved that JH infused humor into Ddolbok too! Because that drama was intense and so was his character. The child actor who played DB young was amazing too. JH is great at incorporating comedy into everything no matter the situation, because that’s really life in general. Things can be super serious but people can still find humor despite anything.

    And I forgot to mention, the idea of JH as a Korean Dr. ‘House’ is terrific. I didn’t always watch the show, but I liked that character very much. There is a romcom K-drama called ‘Dr. Champ.’ with a character whom you can tell is supposed to be like Dr. House.

    I have to find a clear version of ‘Please teach me English.’ and never saw Jungle Juice either. I’ve seen mostly JH dramas than his movies so far.

    • They have Please teach me English at It is available form streaming and it is free there. That one is a bit silly but cute in my opinion. Jungle juice, that one is just so dumb, and kind of gross, but hillarious if you are in the mood (you do need to be in the mood for utter silliness, Ben Stiller/ Adam Sandler style). I wasn’t interested in watching it, because I am not that fond of those kind of “college humor” movies. I only watched it as post Iris 2 therapy. Ugh, I vowed not to speak about that drama but whatever! that is the only one I didn’t like at all. And since Lee Bom Soo, was also in it, I got curious and I wanted something to completely break from the “Iris” vibe. And it totally worked, that movie, dumb and gross, was still much better than Iris 2. JH’s movies lean towards the “weird” 😉 but still, he has always been good and “different” in each one, which has helped me gain more appreciation for his versatility.

      • Thanks for the information! I’m not into gross-out, bawdy, college humor flicks either. I think i saw the version of PTME on Vikki, but the quality was so bad It was hard to concentrate (I wear glasses full time now.) So I passed on it after a few minutes. But you’re right, the ‘weird’ movie choices he makes do show his versatility.

  3. I’m loving all of these ideas! Lady G, I love the idea of the circus, but if as Gumi says, Korea is not big on circuses, why don’t we incorporate this plot into a sageuk kind of “circus”. It wouldn’t be like a modern one, but I remember in the movie “The King and the Clown”, they did walk on a rope :p ok, its not a trapeeze, but something is something. And we would cover the “man with disability” wish that JH has 😀 (and he can practice for when he plays korean Dr House) And did I already mention I’m totally on board with the rom com idea? I know The Tree with Deep Roots is nowhere near a rom com, but I thought Ddolbock was hillarious during the first episodes :p. That was my first Jang Hyuk drama and I loved the range that character allowed him to show, from the comical comments, to the intensity, to the drama and the subtle romance. Hyuk was also funny in Please teach me English and even the crazy Jungle Juice. Hey! Robbers was kind of rom commish until it turned into full melo! and even Tazza had funny scenes, We want rom com! He can rock it!

  4. Great article! I agree with all your choices, they sound super cool. I love dream casting! I don’t know if Korea is big on circuses, but would love to see a circus themed drama. There’s an old movie with Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis called ‘Trapeze’ and Burt is the elder experienced acrobat that trains Tony. Both are in love with the same woman, plus there’s the girl who’s always the ‘friend’ who desperately wants to marry Burt. There’s lots of acrobatic action and drama. It’s like an American K-Drama. lol. Tony gets too puffed up and breaks up the partnership and also Burt’s character also has a limp from an accident in the past. So he’s bitter about a lot of things and this was his last chance to be a Trapeze star again with a new dangerous routine. But in the end he gives Tony the limelight. Anyway, you see where I’m going here, lol. JH would be perfect in Lancaster’s role. Can you imagine him on the Trapeze? I sure can.

    I also want JH to do more romantic comedy. He only did about 2 or 3 in his earliest dramas. He’s very funny without trying to be at times. He would be great playing a blind character. Or I love the ‘down on their luck’ characters, so I’m imagining someone like Oh Joon from Robbers falling in love with a sweet blind woman who lives across his rooftop. And the melodrama that ensues because they both have dark pasts.

    • Unfortunately Korea is not that big on circuses, but it sounds great. If a circus themed drama is ever going to be made in Korea, JH will be one of the few actors who can actually play it, lol. Hurray to his gymnastic experience!
      I do seriously want him to do romantic comedy. He actually said he really likes romantic comedy, too. He was really good at it when he was young, and I want to see how he will deal with that genre at his current age.

      • I didn’t think they particularly got involved with circus as America knows them. Maybe something like Circque De Soliel would work too. The plot to ‘Trapeze’ can be applied to a million different situations, anything that would showcase his athletic abilities would be great. 🙂 One thing i noticed about JH’s Romcoms, (At least one of them) to me he was like a dragon waiting to burst forth flames. He was funny, but then if the situation turned serious he suddenly became the JH we are all used to by now. Passionate, angry, despairing…etc. I noticed this in ‘Successful story of Bright girl.’ A drama I actually have to finish watching. The lead actress’ voice and nagging got under my skin so bad I had to stop. Plus the subber missed chunks of dialogue. Still, JH was amazing as the arrogant Chaebol who loses everything and falls in love with the gritty little country girl. I love plots like that. Or vice versa. I could see him in a drama like ‘Take care of the Young Lady.’ (Loved that one!) or the zany ‘Couple or trouble.’

  5. I would love to see him do a medical drama. I really enjoyed watching k-drama “Brain” and even though Shin Ha-Kyun did a good job, I thought JH could have been even better. I would love to seem him in a romantic comedy as well. I was so disappointed when he had to give up Secret Garden. He would have been great in that drama too.

  6. He seems to like playing tragic character and making us heartbroken for him. But then he is really good at portraying this kind of character. I’ve always wanted to know how it’ll be like if he has took on the main character in Secret Garden. Hope he’ll get to play a character like that in future, and to act opposite Ha Ji Won. Have always wanted to watch the two acting together.

  7. I would like to see him acting a blind character! He was amazing in expressing Daegil losing his sight at the very end of Chuno. He would be a great villain too, we saw that potential in The Client! But actually, what I wanna see the most from him at this point is some romance….romance pleaase….!

    • Ohhh a blind character, would be perfect. We see his potential for villain in all those anti heroes he has played too, in fact, he rarely has played a super good character (and when he did, he was great at it too, Jaeyoung from Daemang, my sweetie) And I agree on the romance! And also, we want action, but another kind of action teehee! (well, at least some decent on screen kissing)

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