Real Man Eps 11 and 12 – Best moments (according to me)

I’m behind with the “Real Men” or “Real Man” recaps (I read this title written different ways on the web). Here are my favorite moments from episodes 11 and 12

The only moment that sticks in my mind from episode 11 is when Jang Hyuk did this perfect jump which was as good (or better) as the trainer’s. Daebak!


But episode 12 had many more precious moments IMHO

First, we got to see Jang Hyuk giving a small class of “the feel of Jeet Kun Do”. As many of you already know, he is very passionate about this martial art. And we are very passionate about watching him practice it 😀 The whole video is very worth watching

And here is this gif of Hyuk showing his “rare” talent of doing push ups with his thumb lol! He loves showing this one off! We saw it in Robbers and Family Outing (Dragon Bro’s episode)


Then, we also saw him playing the guitar! We didn’t know he could also do that! He has so many talents our Hyukie!

If only Ryu didn’t kind of ruin it by singing when he had no voice! lol! But he is so enthusiastic poor guy. We forgive him. Ryu is fun 🙂


6 responses to “Real Man Eps 11 and 12 – Best moments (according to me)

  1. I watched these tonight with no subs. I really enjoyed them despite the fact I can’t understand what they are saying. Jang Hyuk looks so cool. I find it funny when people are just in awe of him.

  2. Oh my good friends … I apologize but it’s one that you could explain to me what is the real men?
    I thought that this part of the military jang hyuk’s as if I was wrong!
    it is a drama?
    and..thank you for this post drama fan snd..hi
    hi gumi..i miss you

  3. That’s awesome. He did get his start in a music group too. I could totally picture any of his characters strumming a guitar, like Lee Daegil playing a lute or Shamisen. Wasn’t there a scene in Robbers where he fiddled with a piano? Maybe It’s so vivid to me I’m imagining things.

  4. Jang Hyuk is a total package of talents ❤ but seriously, I didn't know he could play the guitar…he never showed us, for fifteen long years he's been a star! I hope he has a chance to show off that talent in a drama/movie at some point. I also want him playing the piano on the screen at some point, cuz apparently he can play a little but never got to use that talent. Geez, this guy really has too much things to show us!

  5. Thanks for sharing these! He’s a man of many talents. 🙂 I’m watching a great funny drama called Last Scandal, and the lead character-who is an actor, says that an actor should know how to do everything. I agree, well, at least willing to learn. The Asian actors really do it all, they have to model, they sing, dance, do commercials, movies, dramas, theater. It’s outrageous. In America, our actors tend to separate everything. It used to be that TV actors don’t necessarily translate well to the big screen and vice versa. But these days you see a lot of American actors getting on TV. They are learning the value of every medium. Something I think the Asian entertainers figured out a long time ago.

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