The Flu will also be released in the US

I’m so excited I can’t even think straight! So according to CJ Entertainment english site, The Flu is going to be released in the US as well as Korea. OMG! Read below!

  • Scheduled to hit the theaters in North America as well as Korea this August, “The Flu” is the first ever South Korean disaster film about a lethal viral pandemic. It has been garnering much attention after being voted first place in “Most Anticipated Film” survey conducted by Nate for August with a whopping 47%”.

Here is a link to the site where you can find more photos and info :

Just the idea of watching Jang Hyuk on the big screen…I NEED TO FIND OUT WHERE AND WHEN THEY WILL BE PLAYING THIS! I.MUST.GO!

And there is also this new poster of our handsome Jang Hyuk in character


7 responses to “The Flu will also be released in the US

  1. andeeeeeee

    I was jealous .. I .. I .. I I I I … did you know you can not Iran released! ?
    I wanted to have a look! jang hyuk all movies really got very, very hard. Apart from televisionThank you!
    Oh well .. I have had a long wait to see you and Gumi and lady gaga

  2. I should say, the people and accents from Busan seem tougher and streetwise. Much like the IMAGE of Brooklynites always presented in media. But there’s a lot of truth to that image. lol Some Brooklyn accents are thick as butter.

    • The comparison makes perfect sense 🙂 Ive read also about Busan men being more “rough”, “manly” etc. And Jang Hyuk has that quality but he also has acquired some of Seoul style (I read that in an article, I cant tell if its accurate but It seems to make sense too ;))

      • LOL. It was just some random thought. But the more K-dramas and movies I watch, I can immediately tell the ‘Busan guy’. He’s always the guy in the truck shouting about fresh fish or vegetables, the rough and tumble or stupid cop, or the gritty/and/or bumbling gangster! lol. Much the way brooklynites are portrayed in movies. lol. Yes, I’m sure when JH got into the industry they ‘Seouled’ him up. And of course you adapt to new surroundings and lifestyle. 🙂

  3. YES!!! I can’t wait! I’ll keep my eyes open. Going to see a Korean film last year was what got me into the dramas. It was Song Joon Ki and ‘A Werewolf Boy.’ That movie was dynamite. I mean, I’ve seen Korean movies before, but the only 2 I saw in theater, that and The Host. Then I looked up SJK and found and his latest drama, Nice Guy. After that I was hooked, line and sinker.

    • SJK is among my favorite actors! He is so darn cute! and a very promising actor too with tons of charisma. I actually recently started watching A Werewolf Boy! I bought the DVD because I couldnt find a streaming version and I heard good things about it. I’ve watched only half so far, and while the movie is very cute and sweet I feel that the best thing in the movie is his performance 😀 (a fangirl at heart! what can I do?)

      • I recently found Werewolf boy streaming on Funds are a little tight but I plan to buy the DVD. Only I don’t have an all-region player or Blue Ray right now. SJK really gives a knockout performance, and barely says a word. lol. But he has such a great voice. I even have an mp3 of his song ‘Really.’ from Nice Guy. It’s sweet.

        I love listening to Jang Hyuk talk. He has that strong Busan accent. I joke with my sis that Busan is like Brooklyn next to Manhattan. (I’m a Brooklynite my whole life.) There’s Seoul and Busan. lol. The people and accents from Busan seem tougher and streetwise. Much like Brooklynites.

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