Allure: Jang Hyuk “Real Men bond through hard times”

Jang Hyuk did a photoshoot and interview for the August issue of Allure magazine, Korea edition. Here are a couple of quotes from the interview where he talks about his participation on the reality show “The Real Man” or “Real Men”

“It’s nice because I can go back to my army days,” he said. “You tend to be more conservative as you grow older. It’s easy to shut your mind to new things and new people, but there, everything was wide open.” 

“Since everyone is [enduring] hard times together [in ‘Real Men’], we all became very close,” he added.



14 responses to “Allure: Jang Hyuk “Real Men bond through hard times”

  1. Oh apart?
    Oh, thank God
    oh you do not that howmuch i was worry!!! Especially when they’re beat up and thrown into the valley!
    Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, Mary, I love you .. too .. I was really disappointed!
    Wow it’s clear to me that you

  2. Got a question?
    did you see Dae Mang?
    I can not get the setting I can not download
    I’m going to commit suicide! Not get why?
    And another question? again ..did oppa die in the daemang drama

  3. No problem my good friend

  4. hi drama fan
    Yeah I agree with you too! hyuk oppa like a cat’s tiny but very powerful and fast!
    Well, but this photo He has lost weight drastically And because it is very difficult to practiceI’m surprised he is fast and strong and handsome man who really really need these exercises are hard?Wow hyuk Oppa really like the word? About brat pite?
    Well, yes, we believe so much .. jang hyuk ssi you’re a real man!
    hyuk oppa ..faighting..

    ya ya..why this does not let me to put commnet?

  5. Hi guys, I actually hesitated before posting these pics. I personally feel they fail to capture Hyukie’s beauty 😉 They are ok, but not my favorite. I posted them because they are new and I figured, not everyone has my same taste 🙂 About the weight loss, I agree with forever hyuk, that as long as he is healthy, I’m ok with it. Gumi had been telling me that he is losing weight and we also theorized it was probably due to “The Real Man”. but I had not noticed it as much, until these pictures. Then again, if you watch that show, you’ll notice that despite the weight loss, Jang Hyuk is one of the healthiest guys there :p He rarely breaks a sweat doing those intense exercises. He looks like he is suffering the least of all 😀 (compared to poor Sam, Suh and even the idol) so I’m not worried. Seriously, sometimes I wonder how such a relatively small guy can be so strong! He is faster than the 20 year olds too. And have you seen him stretching? He is like a cat! Ahhh I’m making myself swoon again just remembering. Is it me or is it getting hot in here? I better go to another post! lol!

    • I agree, he is in excellent shape. He has been doing better than the instructors and impressed everyone.
      On the last mission of ‘Real Men’, he said that he felt like his arms were going to come off pulling the ropes. The parts of the bridge that he was pulling weighed 5 tons. When Soo-Ro said, I’ve known you for 10 years but haven’t seen you having a tough time like this, JH said he was at his limit. I felt so bad. I think I understand why he wants to do this show… he remembers that time in his life in the military very fondlly…but last week’s mission was just too intense, I thought.

      • Wow I had no idea. I watch Real Men without subs and rely on Gumi to tell me what was said but she has been busy these days. Now I feel bad too 😦

      • That’s sad. But like it was said here, he’s doing far better than some 20 year olds! lol. He’s still young (In my book-I’m 33) But age does creep up on you once you hit your 30’s. I’m sure he’ll be high flying well into his fifties and sixties!

    • Hi Drama Fan, don’t hesitate to post anything new! I just made my comment not to disparage him, but the weight loss was something I noticed amongst a lot of the Korean actors lately. And I agree about his fitness level. I get exhausted just watching him. lol. He’s amazing!

  6. Oh that’s right! He is doing an intense training show. Now I remember, he made a comment that Brad Pitt is a man, but I’m a REAL man. lolol.

  7. He looks amazing in these pictures. I don’t think the weight loss is intentional, though. Shooting Real Men is really physically demanding. I felt so bad watching the last episode. He was training in sweltering, over 100 degrees, climate. I like it that I can see him every week but I don’t like to see him suffer.

  8. He looks great! But much thinner than I remember seeing him last. I follow other blogs like drama fever, etc. I noticed that many Korean actors are losing a lot of weight. I wonder if their industry is demanding a new ‘look’ these days. Very lean and sinewy it seems. I personally like the ‘buffer’ look, but hey, as long as they are happy and healthy and not starving and cranky! I also know these guys are kept super busy with everything. And sometimes during the course of a drama you can literally see like a 5-10lb weight loss.

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