Robbers – The action scene that never happened – video and gifs

I’m re watching Robbers, so I’ll be making some more gifs from this series. Now I’m learning to make them lighter so they can also be posted on tumblr. The next step is to make them “prettier”.

The scene that only happened on Oh-Joon’s head was kick ass

jh_robber_action1 jh_robber_action2 jh_robberaction3 jh_robberaction4 jh_robberaction5 jh_robberaction6 jh_robberaction7

6 responses to “Robbers – The action scene that never happened – video and gifs

  1. labelbajumalaysia

    JH is sinfully beautiful in Robbers. I can watch him all day*swoon*. The combination of being a good bad boy. How can two opposite adjectives be used together? only for KOJ..

  2. That would be cool. I recently watched his episode on Hwaisin Controller of the heart and he stole my heart. Normally I don’t watch ‘reality’ shows or talk shows, but I had to catch this episode because it was him. (And I watched one to see Yoon Sang Hyun. I hope Oh Ji Ho gets in on this talk series. Love him too!) I left this big comment under JH’s as LadyGin. He seems like such a fascinating person. And I can imagine he’s a talker and definitely a deep thinker.

  3. Jang Hyuk seriously needs to play Bruce Lee! Even if he’s a few years older than Lee was when he died. It’s not much of a difference. I think he’d be perfect. They can make him up to resemble him. That’s nothing. But the moves and the skills…who else but JH can do that? There’s a cool scene in Tazza where JH is posing in front of a mirror like Lee and even remarks how he looks like him. I now there’s a Bruce Lee Korean drama out there, but I hear it’s not so great.

    • Ive had that thought too! He totally channels Bruce Lee during action scenes. It must be the Jeet Kun Do moves plus the “attitude”. There is an episode of The Real Man where he is teaching the “Jeet Kun Do feel” to some soldiers and they contrasted him with some Bruce Lee scenes. I need to gif that one of these days 😉

  4. Oh, they’re all lies oh joon ssi to lee da hae ssi! But the shooting does not lie. Well done Oppa
    This movie is a serial robber.
    But if you like. Than They then can you make a moving picture.This movie is a serial robber.
    But if you like. Than gif They then can you make a.gif

  5. Wow look at his moves. He can do it all. He’s one of the few actors who can do action scenes as well as dramatic scenes.

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