Robbers – Oh-Joon meets Soon-Dae – Cuteness overload warning!

Warning: Your computer might experience a cuteness overload and your sugar levels might rise suddenly after watching these. Proceed with caution!

If you borrow these gifs, we will appreciate it if you credit to our blog. Thank you 😌

Oh-Joon (Jang Hyuk) not only fell in love with Dal-Lae (Lee Da Hae), he fell in love with her “universe” and part of that universe was Soon Dae, Dal-Lae’s daughter. These two connected right away 😀


jh_robber_yujin3 jh_robber_yujin2 jh_robber_soondae4 jh_robber_soondae8 jh_robber_soondae9

I love this little girl's smile

I love this little girl’s smile

Are you hurt ajeossi? Awww she just melted this guy's last drop of cynicism

Are you hurt ajeossi? Awww she just melted this guy’s last drop of cynicism

9 responses to “Robbers – Oh-Joon meets Soon-Dae – Cuteness overload warning!

  1. Every now and then, I come here just to look at how cute this was and how enraptured JH looks as he gazes in awe at Soon dae. But this time, it struck me that, considering JH’s character’s intentions at this point, it’s like Soon dae is hypnotizing a shark. If you’ve ever seen the divers during Animal Network’s Shark Week hypnotize a shark by rubbing it’s belly and it then becomes unable to move for a few minutes. It’s like that. lol

  2. There’s a scene near the end where she’s looking at them hug in the car window and gets jealous. It’s so cute. The little girl probably did get a crush on him. haha.

  3. I especially love the fourth one. Soon-Dae is falling in love with O-Joon as well. When their eyes meet, she shyly looks away. So adorable.

    • I love that one! the scene is longer and she is even cuter in it, moving her head, all shy! And he just observes her with the sweetest look. Unfortunately it was too long for a gif, it made it too heavy.

  4. I just finished this drama on YT. I didn’t even know it existed. It was even more wonderful to see him working with Lee Da Hae. They have fantastic chemistry. Robbers was an emotional tailspin with a satisfying, if open, ending. I really liked it. Very cute gifs. Especially the 4th and 8th. I also love the scene where Soon Dae tells every to be quiet and let him eat! So funny!

  5. the first gif..veryyyyyyyy beautifulllllllll…oh joon ssi is in rest and he is very Cute and beautiful

  6. oh goddddddd..these are veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy niceeeeee
    komaoooooooooo drama fan

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