Robbers – Oh-Joon carries Dal-Lae – gifs

  • Trying to resist the urge to gif every Jang Hyuk scene in Robbers
  • Failing
He looks like a hero, but he is the one who made her "fall"

He looks like a hero, but he is the one who made her “fall”

And this is where I "fell" for him, even though I knew he was a jerk. Sexy bastard!

And this is where I “fell” for him, even though I knew he was a jerk. Sexy bastard!

Poor Dal-Lae is hopeless. He leaves triumphant. Aaahhh somebody slap him!

Poor Dal-Lae is hopeless. And he leaves triumphant. Aaahhh somebody slap him!

Every time he got away with something, he did a happy dance. Here he is veeeeryyyy happy. I would slap him and then kiss him aiisshhh.

Every time he got away with something, he did a happy dance. Here he is veryyyy happy. I would slap him and hen kiss him aiisshhh.

16 responses to “Robbers – Oh-Joon carries Dal-Lae – gifs

  1. Your observations of Oh Joon are spot on! We can’t forget the great writers. They did a terrific job with the story. JH is the only actor who could effectively convey all those emotions and twist the audience’s mind into falling in love with him. A great anti-hero. I feel that way about most of his characters, especially Dae-Gil. Nobody could play him like JH. He brings all his characters to life so vividly, you never want their stories to end.

    Oh so cool! A Voyagers! and Sci-Fi fan. 😀 I’m glad the site brought back memories. I was still around 4 years old when Jon-Erik died, but I became a fan of the show with reruns in the early nineties. I have a facebook group called ‘Voyagersguidebook’ if you ever feel like joining. I’m also currently writing a Newsletter about the series in bi-monthly installments. On the fifth one already. It’s fun.

  2. Hi, yes! My site is dedicated to the short-lived 1982 Time Travel show and late gorgeous actor Jon-Erik Hexum. I’ve had it up for 7 years now. I’m born and raised in NY.
    That poor girl, Oh Joon was awful to her. I think that’s why the writers didn’t give him a complete happy ending. He had to reap what he had sown throughout his life. I think If it were another actor, they might have lost complete sympathy from the viewer. But Jang Hyuk is so compelling, you want to see his characters succeed and become a changed man. And his crying scene on the beach was just…wow. Which reminds me I have to get a new tissue box. lol.

    Meant to say that I love the name of your blog. Keep up the great work. I look forward to updates and more browsing soon. 😀

    • I remembering loving Voyagers as a child! but I don’t remember the episodes. Reading your site brought some of those memories back. I also remember my mom having a crush on Bogg, and the shock and sadness we felt when Jon-Erik Hexum passed away. I love sci fi too! I agree with everything you say about Oh-Joon’s character and Jang Hyuk’s interpretation of it. For the first 5 or 6 episodes, until he started showing some form of self loathing, I actually saw this character as a sociopath. I couldn’t feel but repulsion, even though he was “charming”. I wondered how the writers were going to convince me that someone like him deserved a chance. I think the writers did a decent job at laying out the story for us, and the timing for revealing Oh-Joon’s inner turmoil was very well done, but if it wasn’t for Jang Hyuk’s performance and ability to make us empathize with him, I wouldn’t have been able to “feel” him. I would’ve felt the transformation to be contrived. This was a very challenging role and he was just so good in it. I feel the same about Chuno. I don’t think another actor could’ve made Dae-Gil, an extremely dark character, so compelling and lovable.

  3. It was a happy dance was right after he bilked that poor girl who later…well, no spoilers but if you saw it you know.

  4. Found the Soft shoe! Episode two, part 5. Start at 1:35 sec.

  5. I adored Oh Joon’s his happy dances! Even when he was being a total creep right before it. Jang Hyuk has a way of making his characters both complex and utterly charming. There was one dance in particular at night, it was like a complete Bojangles soft shoe! Loved it!

    • Hi Lady G! Welcome to the blog 🙂 You mean the dance where he sort of “walks” on a wall and then falls? I totally want to make a gif of that! This is exactly how I felt about Oh-Joon, he was almost disgusting at the beginning! creepy! but Jang Hyuk is just so wonderful. I was just watching on YT as well! I have the DVDs but I love reading the comments on YT 😀

      • Thanks! I think this blog is wonderful. I just posted the link on a Chuno fan Facebook page too. So hopefully you will get more readers. 😀 I just finished watching Robbers too, so my comments under ‘voyagersguidebook’ will probably be the latest. I had so many emotions watching this, I can’t even remember everything I wrote. And plus they cut into a million parts on YT. lol

        Oh, the wall dance would be a perfect gif. But it was another one. Arrh, wish I could remember the scene. He’s coming out of her store, I think, definitely nighttime, and He does this whole tap dance. It’s early on before the whole show turns into full blown melodrama.

        • No way! How come Ive missed it!!!! Arggghhh you know what? My DVDs have some scenes cut off. For example, the Tarzan dance with Man Du, its not there. If it wasn’t for YT I would never have known why Oh-Joon lost his voice. Now I am determined to look for your scene 😉 Gaaahhh I wonder what else Ive missed! Ohhh thank you for posting the link to our blog (blushing). Ill check yours right away 🙂

          • No problem. Mine is just a Blog for Old Brooklyn. And I seriously need to do more posts. lol. But I do have a website, That’s my ‘baby.’ lol. I’m a newbie fan for Korean dramas since January. But I feel like I’ve seen a million already. And Jang Hyuk immediately became my top favorite actor after watching Chuno. He’s amazing in every role.

            • Is it a site dedicated to the show Voyagers? I used to live in NY btw (went to college there) Im new to korean drama myself, started late last year and yes, after Chuno I got “stuck on Hyuk” 😉

  6. yes yessssssssssss he..this dance.. dragon dance film not owe him?
    and…oh..I’d forgot , can you make gif this section?

    this is a film that I’ve put it on the internet

  7. Wow yesssssssssssss
    Dancing hyuk oppa sa really cool. my practice time at home I learned this dance! Looking sequential oppa

  8. We are all swooning over him!

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