Robber of my heart – Robbers – Random gifs

Funny walk

The Walking Dorks

Oh Joon's happy dance 1

From fighter to dancer

Jealous Oh Joon

O-Joon: Jealous Guy

Oh Joon's happy dance 2


Green teeth lol!

Green teeth

10 responses to “Robber of my heart – Robbers – Random gifs

  1. Hey Gumi and Drama Fan. I’m getting ready to write my review on Robber. Is it ok if I use some of your gifs please?

  2. you want isay that What’s the scene like?
    That scene at the airport after oppa get rid of it she dances i very very like it…
    And the scene where oppa plays to a very nice little dog
    can you make them?

  3. I don’t know how many times I have cried and laughed watching this drama. There are just so many memorable scenes. I love all these gifs! Thank you Drama Fan.

    • Part of the reason Im re watching it before others is because you said you loved it forever hyuk. My idea was to share “some” gifs with the review, but there are sooooo many good scenes. The dramatic scenes are superb. I think Im appreciating this series more now. There are some scenes that are so beautiful that I cant make them into gifs because they lose their impact. Some scenes must be appreciated complete.

      I took a little break to watch The Real Man. Hyuk looked hawwwt in these week’s episode! Im seriously binging on Hyuk today and I’m still not tired :p

      • Lol. These gifs gave me the urge to rewatch Robbers, I started watching it too. I absolutely agree that there are so many good scenes, some just beautiful and moving, some funny, and some so distressing, it’s just hard to watch (most of episode 12).
        Thanks again for these posts and keep them coming!

  4. Hi Cathy, yes, Robbers tackled every emotion didn’t it? I’m having more appreciation for it now that I’m re watching it. I’m going crazy with the gifs lol! and I don’t think I’ll stop soon! Let me know if you have a special request. A scene that you would want to have “captured” in gif. I’m not an expert though. Just learning.

  5. Wow
    I love this drama
    In this drama, jang hyuk really happy people and happy
    But in the end I was very sad to be sick
    first gif is very funny than you thank you thank you drama fan for this post.

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