The Flu press conference video and photos

The cast of the upcoming movie “The Flu” attended a press conference held on July 9th. Here are videos, photos and my favorite quote of the night.

Soo Ae said about Jang Hyuk: “The moments we got together after shoots, rather than those during the shoots, were more impressive.” She added, “Jang Hyuk is very careful and calm during shoots, but after them he shows a new side to himself. I especially remember how he is at the noraebang. He’s a good singer, and he gets excited easily. He rarely lets go of the mike too.”

You can read the full article here






7 responses to “The Flu press conference video and photos

  1. Thanks Drama Fan for posting this. It’s very nice of Soo Ae saying Hyukie’s a good singer 😀 I believe Hyuk can sing better if he chooses something easier for him to handle. Looking forward to seeing this movie soon!

    • Hahatk, I think singing is not Hyukie’s forte, but I find him extremely adorable when he tries (or borrowing a term used by Orion from the Orion’s Ramblings blog, “adorkable”) I’m sure you’ve heard him singing “Creep” in Family Outing? He also sang it in a talk show which title I forgot right now, but I just loved his body language while singing, all romantic, handsome! he “looked” like he was singing well haha. So hot! In fact, one of these days, I need to make captures and gifs of those singing scenes teehee!

  2. Correct Oppa really pretty amazing, but good action scenes backstage shots when I see him really sick or hurt real bad. Because I love him so much!but action scenes and movies hyuk oppa is too greedy to me … because hyuk oppa was in volcano high school almost try to dose not to use power of his hot !and the Iris I would say beaten thedestroyed
    but in a calm and non-action films as well, kind thank you drama .. he was hot and of course did not beat at all

  3. Hi Cathy. Im also jelaous of Gumi lol! Im not in school, I work. I remember hearing about Jang Hyuk fainting 7 times during Volcano High. He does some pretty dangerous stunts and he does them himself. On the one hand the result is, amazing action scenes, but on the other hand, I’d rather have him not risk his life. I like him as an actor much more than as an “action” actor (although I would lie If I said that being so good in action does not add to his overall hotness)

  4. Wow guys go to school? Summer, is not it?
    I miss both of you
    By the way, I’m just in the back and leave the old content hyuk oppa one thing I saw shocked me
    hyuk oppa seven times in the film Volcano High fainting?

  5. oh..soo ae chinja poda
    She is jealous of me
    But I think lee da hae is more beautifull than soo ae .. is not it? However, both of them are jealous
    I’m jealous of Gumi more than lee da hae and soo ae
    ! Wow Korean, and hyuk oppa is seen My elusive dreams!!!

  6. yesssssssss Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    That is our jang hyuk oppa Handsome, with great sound and amazing
    Wow thank you so much dramafan for this was great
    che bal..che bal oppa At the end of the movie .. Do not cry us for to die in battle and your character firefighters

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