This week’s schedule


9 (Tue) Movie <FLU> Press Conference

9(Tue) Movie <Mr.Go> vip premiere

Searching for the next project & rest

12(Fri) Filming for a tv talk show <The Guru Show (무릎팍도사)>

14(Sun) Variety show <Real Man> broadcasting


wow he’s busy this week!

Today’s Flu press conference day…hope we get some new information.

So he’s going to be in The Guru Show….the show is not as good as it had been before. It was THE talk show in Korea a few years ago, but now it’s not doing well in terms of ratings, and no one’s really talking about the show…but I guess it was the only choice for him to come talk about his movie, because he’s already guested the other talk show, Healing Camp, in 2011. At least we’ll be able to see him once more, and listen to his talk. I always love listening to him:) The Guru Show tends to ask a lot of personal questions too, we’ll be able to hear his story (although I think I’ve already heard the most of it).

I love that he’s staying busy these days!


3 responses to “This week’s schedule

  1. Wait, didn’t the press conference already happen? What were the yummy pictures we were looking at?

  2. Busy Hyukie =happy us! (and less productive, and less sleep for us), I mean, I.must.concentrate,!!!! but.I,just.can’t.

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