FLU new trailer&international teaser&new posters

Here’s new trailer we’ve been waiting for! Almost the same with the teaser previously released, but with some additional scenes. I especially like the close up to Jang Hyuk’s face with tears in his eyes.

Here’s official international teaser for non-Koreans. It’s a teaser shorter than the trailer, but you get to know what’s happening 🙂

And here are our two new posters. We finally get to see actors’ faces!



It seems like the movie has been finalized to be released on August 14th.


7 responses to “FLU new trailer&international teaser&new posters

  1. WOW. This looks like ‘Contagion.’ That was a great film too. I really like the cast presented in the posters too. I hope this movie will be shown in NYC!

  2. Wow very nice name Mary., I’m in love with this name. Kation is my full name., With particularity, it will be cathy!
    Oh .. wow .. firefighters die if I can take anymore … because I love it so much., In fact I’m still in shock at the scene after being shot Yvgan Iris 2 . Else wont to see death and disease in the who vomits blood, or has been dropped on the bed!!

  3. I heard that the Flu sold in 38 countries based on 6 min 30 second promotional trailer presented at the Cannes Film Festival. I think this movie will be a huge success!

  4. Oh what a pity I can not see the teaser. Because low my speed
    Photos are very nice. Wow to reach the Iranian film I die!
    hyuk oppa handsome fireman.
    Facial hair Fashion Small Aris oppa after you become too thin right?
    Gumi Hi and thanks for this nice post it was really, really nice
    Hi Dramafan..how arw you?
    my friends..I fear oppa die of the flu end .. like Iris and many of his other films
    is not too upset?
    dramafan..where are you come from?
    what is your name?

    • Hi Cathy, yeah! hopefully our fireman doesn’t die in this too! although Hyuk does amazing death scenes lol! but yeah! we dont want to cry and cry all the time! Let him be happy for once, although in this scenario, the chances for happiness are slim. I dont like using my real name on the internet too much, but it is Mari C. I live in the US.

  5. My attempts to lower my expectations about this movie have failed!!!! Movie, you better not disappoint my humongous expectations now! These teasers are getting me way too hyped! Is it wrong that I’m focusing at how delish Hyukie looks all dirty and sweaty and teary eyed? a mix of yum and awwww lol! I mean the movie looks scary and all, but I just can’t focus :p, And those picsssss from the press conference! ahhhhhh We must share ASAP!

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