Jang Hyuk participates in UNICEF project – “Hope with Stars”

I saw these news about Jang Hyuk’s participation on a UNICEF campaign and thought it would be a good idea to share it here. I’ve seen the news in korean publications but as you know, my korean is still non existent! :p hey! I can barely handle the english (my spanish is pretty good, if you ever need me to translate something, I’ll gladly help) but just by looking at this video and photos of Jang Hyuk drawing faces on some dolls I knew it had to be something cool 😉


Isn’t he sweet? I insist! Who can believe this sweety pie is Daegil in Chuno eh? Impossible. So my first thought at seeing this was, “Awww cute” and my second thought was “I want those dolls” but oh well, the dolls are actually for the children that this project is trying to help 🙂 So cut the silliness Drama Fan and focus on the actual campaign, which is awesome btw. I hope it is a success!

So here is the beef about this project according to Yahoo News Phillipines

[by Cho Suyoun]

During July, actor Jang Hyuk is participating in a project that UNICEF Korea and portal website Daum Communication are holding together. This project is called ‘Hope with stars’ and it delivers hopeful messages to little children in Africa who are losing their lives due to illness. Jang Hyuk suggested many campaign ideas to help these children and one of them was making a awoo doll.

Jang Hyuk made some dolls dressed up in Korean martial art Taekwondo outfit and delivered them to lovely children in Africa. In addition, Jang Hyuk made a video of campaign advertising to ask help from people on the Internet.

Meanwhile, there is a campaign page on portal website Daum and the company will donate to UNICEF every time someone leaves a comment on the page. (photo by UNICEF)

Hyukie is asking for our help! I feel I must do my part!

This is the UNICEF Korea website, where you can find more information (in korean)


This (looks like) the korean website where people are supposed to comment, for the site to donate to UNICEF (according to the article, one doesn’t even have to donate, just comment? That would be so easy if I could read korean aaaissshh).


I have not been able to personally do this! because of the language barrier ugh! But I vow to figure it out, before the end of July. If I manage to log in and participate I’ll let you know.

15 responses to “Jang Hyuk participates in UNICEF project – “Hope with Stars”

  1. I’m a girl and yes “chinja komao” means “thank you very much”

  2. Gumi Another question
    I really appreciate the chinja komao right?

  3. Gumi …
    Got a question?
    You’re a girl or a boy, and that your photograph is so beautiful …

  4. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    Oh my God, from Korean? Wow very cool, I’m in love with Koreans
    You are so cute, I love all things Korean
    Korean people, Korean clothes, Korean food, Korean streets, wowwwwwwwwwwwwww One of my dreams is to go to Korea
    Wow, so you got closer you saw Jang hyuk? Really be jealous
    Jang hyuk to say that the movie was playing die … I cried too late Iris 2

  5. Oh I will miss you both
    All this is the fault of timing! Which country you’re from?
    Gumi and dramafan jang hyuk Thanks for the love guys

  6. I comment I’m too upset fame? If you tell me uncomfortable because I’m a fan of Jang Hyok that I’m totally out of control! Hahaha

  7. Drama Fan komaooooooooooooo for this post
    chinja komao

  8. Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Oh Lord
    I knew exactly what I had Hyok Jang! Wow
    Jang Hyok really really really good man
    These wonderful dolls really nice

  9. oh godddddddddddddd again Jang Hyok wrote … Sorry … Jang hyuk

  10. I want him I want puppets
    I wanna
    What did I want? Oh Jang Hyok dolls are dolls that look like they really want to eat
    ((I’m sorry if my English sucks as bad))

  11. Wow you’re really speak Spanish? Pretty fantastic
    If your time is bad in Korean Korean’re my genius! Dumb, but I really need your help to learn the Korean language student too hard

  12. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Who is she? he!!!!!!((he)) is right
    I kill myself!chinja chinjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  13. What? Oh my god, me too crazy Google Translate English sucks no wrong … I just realized jang hyuk’s a puppet! That if she could he’d been too cute! … And I realized that I was working on a project to ! right?
    This was a great post! Really wish I would soon become more familiar with your website

    • This is 2014 so I missed the opportunity but I logged onto the link using Chrome and everything translated fine. However, it looked like I needed to register on drum website before I could comment and Chrome didn’t translate that too well. Just sayin, in case there is a next time.

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