I saw real Hyukie!

So yes, I went to 6/22 fan autograph signing event. My ultimate goal this summer was to see real Hyukie, so I kinda accomplished my goal! The details of the event itself is probably not interesting…so I’ll just briefly share my impression on Jang Hyuk in real person.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember him signing autograph for me. I know it sounds totally ridiculous but I forgot it as soon as I walked out. I guess it was just so unreal that my brain couldn’t process it? lol. I seriously do not remember how he looked like, how his voice sounded like, how his hand felt like. Arghhhh. But I did see him signing others for quite a long time, so my impression is based on that.

He looks exactly like how he does in videos, but somehow looks better in person than in camera.

I know this kinda doesn’t make sense…but that’s what I felt…Feature-wise, he is exactly what he appears to be on-screen. He has pretty eyes, sharp nose, opened-in-triangular shape-mouth. He is not any fatter or skinnier, not older or younger, paler or more tanned than what he looks like on the screen. (well he did look taller than what he appears to be on-screen, but then also looked smaller. It doesn’t make sense, right? But yeah, that’s what I felt)

But then he has this weird thing I can’t explain that makes you want to stare at him, and makes you happy while you stare at him. It’s the air he carries. The way he moves and smiles and shines his eyes and nods. Everything looks so sincere and serious, that you can’t help but find his every small action so lovely.  I think even if he didn’t become an actor, he would’ve been loved by many people, by people around him.

He was sitting there signing to much more than hundred people, but he didn’t look mechanical at all. He was actually making interactions with every single one of those people.

So when I told him I came from the U.S. to watch his movie this summer, he looked impressed and showed interest by asking where in the states I was from. He also said, “Oh, but the schedule got postponed…”  and had this ‘I’m sorry’ smile on him. Yes, The Flu was originally supposed to be released in June, but got postponed to August, but awww that’s none of your fault, sweetie! I told him “It’s ok! I’ll be here all summer!”

There was one Chinese fan who brought him a small gift box. He opened it on spot, and found a bracelet inside. Seeing it, he held up his arm for her and let her put that bracelet on his wrist. It was just so awwwwww. What can be happier for a fan than your star using your gift? And plus she got to have this intimate interaction with him, aww, that was just too sweet and made me super jealous. He also read her brief letter, written in Korean, on spot, and his gaze was so genuinely sincere. I was like, stupid me why didn’t I write him a ten page letter?

The way he treated little children was really too adorable as well. There were some little kids, their moms brought them apparently, and whenever it was those little kids’ turn to get autograph, I could just feel Hyukie’s warmth from 100m away. He bends over a little, put his eyes on the same eye level of the little ones, looks straight into their eyes and smiles and treats them in extremely soft and gentle and caring way. Anyone without background info could tell he’s a father, there’s no way a childless man could be that soft and caring. But even if a man has his own children, that doesn’t necessarily mean he likes other children as well. But I could just tell Jang Hyuk loves little children, finds them lovely, and seeing him like that was really too lovely.

Until the moment he left, he was nice and courteous to all his fans. When he was walking toward elevators, he made eye contacts to the fans around (I got one, yipee) and smiled and bowed. When he was standing in front of the elevator, people surrounded him and took pictures. Personally I found that scene a little overwhelming, but Hyukie was poised, he kept looking around for those who were standing there to see him, smiled and greeted them. Even when he got on the van to leave, he lowered his window and waved at the fans. During the entire event, I felt like he was not seeing us as one big mass called “fans”, but seeing us as individuals who happen to love him and support him, and to whom he is grateful. I somehow sensed that respect he held to us, and it felt good to be respected.

So yes, I saw real Jang Hyuk, and he looks exactly as he does on-screen, but carries this soft, warm, gentle, lovely air around him.

13 responses to “I saw real Hyukie!

  1. Congratulations to you for meeting him in person. 😀 I can imagine it was a surreal experience! I believe he would look exactly the same on and off screen. There’s something very natural and earthy about him. He’s not a make-upped ‘flower boy’. I love that.

  2. Enjoyed reading your first encounter with the real Hyukie very much. Just the thought of meeting him in real person makes me nervous. Very happy for you to have met him finally. Don’t know when I’lll have the courage to accomplish this dream. Thanks Gumi. May I share this on my facebook?

    • Um…yeah, sure, why not, except the part about my interaction&dialogue with Hyukie. Cuz I don’t think there’s that many people who came from the states and went to the autograph event, so that may be pretty identifiable… I’m shy 😛 Other than that part, you can share my general impressions on Hyukie on your facebook.

  3. l’m in love with Jang Hyok like all of us, but he is not extraterrestrial life is not God.’s Not the right way to describe him It seems that he is different from other human beings.I say again that I love her and always will and I hope to see him someday., But if I saw him say anything about it.Thank you.

    • Well, I don’t think I described him as if he’s an extraterrestrial or godly being:P As I said, he looks exactly like what he appears to be on screen. He was just a nice and warm individual who also treated us as individuals. You’ll get what I mean when you get to see him…hope you get to see him someday!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this experience. I was very lucky to see him in person last September at an autograph signing event when I was in Korea. I also felt that he looked exactly as he does on screen. I could not tell if I was seeing him in real person or I was watching one of his dramas. However, his voice was somewhat different in real life. What I remember the most about him still is that there was so much warmth in his eyes and his skin was just glowing. Ahhhh, I wish I could be in Korea to watch his film on big screen this August.

    • You probably have better memories of Hyuk than I do, haha. I actually don’t remember how his eyes and skin looked like in short distance! I need to see him once again 😛 no, twice. no, thrice. well, as many times as I can..

  5. Thank you Gumi for this wonderful post of what happened in the function. Really feel happy for you and all the other lucky fans. Your dream has eventually come true! Isn’t it the most fantastic thing to remember?
    Do you mind if I repost this article in Baidu? Or if you can post it by yourself? There are many fans eagering to know more about him.

    • Hi Sylvia, thanks for the comment. Of course you can repost it in Baidu. I thought about posting something at Baidu, but…language barrier, haha. Understanding Chinese is one thing, writing a long post in Chinese is yet a whole different story. If you can translate it and repost it in Baidu, I’m totally fine with it 🙂

  6. Gumiiii!!! I’m so happy to read this post! I was actually wondering if you were going to share your experience here 😉 since you were still so “in shock” lol I didn’t want to pressure but was secretly hoping you would. Ahhhh I feel like I was there with you (maybe next time ;)) This man is like a dream! His characters (some of them) are so “beasty” sexy like but he is just so gentle and sweet! ahhhhh lovely, as you said! I feel so so so happy for you for being able to see him in person and feel that nice presence of him 🙂

    • Seeing him in real person, it’s hard to believe this man ever played fierce Daegil. He is just so gentle and sweet, it looks impossible for this man to ever hurt someone. But then, Daegil was warm inside as well…

  7. Thanks for sharing gumi. I love to read every encounters fans had with him and to know how they felt about him as I don’t think I’ll get to have this chance. Hope there’ll be more pics of him in this autograph session 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting! I used to search for and read every single encounter fans had with him as well…Unfortunately I couldn’t take any pictures, but there were some people who managed to take some, hope you find those online,

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