The Flu – 감기 – Gamgi – Teaser 1

I confess, I wasn’t feeling too attracted to The Flu at the beginning, since I’m not a fan of “disaster” movies. But this first teaser has managed to make me care.

I mean I obviously want my favorite actor’s projects to succeed, always! but I also want to keep my expectations low, since the plot didn’t convince me at first. However, this teaser at least, has the right suspenseful, paranoia inducing mood… and now hmmm…I am intrigued

P.D Plus Hyukie looks hot as a “dirty” firefighter/rescue guy/paramedic? but then, how is that news, right? 😉

One response to “The Flu – 감기 – Gamgi – Teaser 1

  1. Yeah, I liked the teaser too! I didn’t expect much from the movie, since I’m not really into disaster movies either, but the teaser looks interesting. And I saw someone’s blog posting about The Flu..she watched it and she’s not allowed to tell anything about the story but she really liked it. So I’m starting to get a little excited…!

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