Powerade: Feel the power of Jang Hyuk in action

Jang Hyuk in action!

Look at him fly!

I didn’t expect my first post to be about a commercial for an energy drink but this one is just…hypnotizing. I mean, look at this man’s perfect, nimble, gorgeous body, climbing up and down, jumping, flying, soaring!

Jang Hyuk is just perfection in “action” scenes. The ultimate action actor (precisely because he is soooo much more than that). Agghh words are not needed in this post. I’ll wrap up and let you enjoy and become entranced forever (I must’ve watched this video more times than my favorite Chuno scenes, and that means many…many times) I watch it to give myself energy in the morning, although sometimes just watching him use his energy this way, just makes me more tired! Ahhhh but It also makes me happy 😀 Enjoy!

Here is the full video

3 responses to “Powerade: Feel the power of Jang Hyuk in action

  1. Wow! He looks so cool!

  2. The gif is so addictive, I’ve been staring at it for 10 minutes straight. I love the way his body moves. He looks just so…alive

  3. This is also one of my favourites. His physique is just amazing.

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